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80s Retro Synth Pop

Retro 80s synth pop with big punchy drums, vintage synths and cool pulsating bass lines! Fun and energetic track with a nostalgic 80s vibe. Best for advertising, commercials, montages, action and sports videos!

A Moment Of Peace

Peaceful and mellow piano music, accompanied with ambient strings and electric guitars! Best for projects with a melancholy mood!

Larger Than Life

Peaceful, bright and ambient music track with an optimistic and positive vibe. Electric guitars, layered synths and some ambient strings makes this track perfect as underscore for documentaries, drama and Podcasts!

Brutal Heavy Rock Metal - Loop Version

Powerful and aggressive background hot soundtrack with huge guitar riffs. Perfect for extreme sport video, action movies, trailers, games, backgrounds, films, youtube channel, web, tv advertisements, commercials, visual and many other media projects. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

Positive Cinematic Rock

Down-tempo and atmospheric cinematic rock music track. You can hear acoustic guitar, strings, drums and quite a bit of synths. Mood of track is romantic, melancholic and optimistic. Best for using in cinematic projects, indie films as a love theme, cartoons, storytelling and wedding slideshows.

Indie Pop Rock

Uplifting and fresh sounding indie pop rock theme. You can hear not only standard guitar-drums-bass set of instruments, but also dobro and bouzouki! Arrangement is spacious enough for voiceover and enough dynamic for action videos. Mood is positive, optimistic and inspiring.

Acoustic Guitar Intro

Acoustic country style guitar intro. Only live guitars here. You can hear 3 guitars, 2 on chords and 1 on melody. Best for opening of video on Youtube, explainers, branding and family type commercials.

Summer Hip Hop

Groovy and catchy positive hip hop track with summer vibes. You can hear old school sounds – brass, guitars, synths and vocal chops. Best for youtube vlogs, summertime life style videos on instagram and trendy corporate commercials.

Fun Pop

This track is full of fun, sunny mood. It`s a middle tempo music with straight beat. You can hear strings, lead melody synth, 80s style bells, electric guitar and groovy drums.

Upbeat and Inspiring Corporate

‘Upbeat and Inspiring Corporate’ is an energetic corporate track that features real guitars, pianos, drums. and electronic accents. The instruments build as the song progresses, finishing with an inspirational ending. This song is perfect for promotional videos, commercials, advertisements, movi...

Dance Funky Jazzy Deep House

Groovy, funky, jazzy deep house track. You can hear a lot of creative effects, a lot of percussion, electric guitars, rhodes and funny vocal shouts “wow”. This track is best for youtube vlogs, party style commercials, bar and chill zone, brand presentation, luxury fashion reviews and innovative ...

Epic Anxiety Trailer

This trailer is full of anxious, fearful and nervous mood. Scaring war drums, dissonant synths and melodic guitars contrast each other and make dramatic tension. You can use it for cinematic trailers, video game stream announces, horror and military movies, action technology presentations and creat...

Positive Corporate

Optimistic and positive corporate track. Middle tempo, sunny mood, guitar harmonics, nice piano and atmospheric synths makes perfect background for brand presentation projects.

Cinematic Funk

It`s funky and driving composition with epic orchestra. Groovy drums, bright brass section, guitars and huge orchestra. Best for moving scenes in cinema, entertainment videos, sport and technology media projects.

Striving for Success

“Striving for success” it`s a corporate track with strong motivation mood. Beautiful piano, airy strings, groove rock drums and acoustic guitars makes your projects memorable and outstanding. Best for corporate presentations, explainers, infographics, wide range of commercials, technology videos...

Happy Ukulele

Happy cheerful ukulele music theme. You can hear ukulele, acoustic guitars, piano, claps drums and glockenspiel. Best for media projects with childrens, family oriented, travel blogs, business presentation, domestic and food commercials.


Inspiring corporate track with catchy positive melody. Live acoustic and electric guitars, pluck synths and guitar harmonics, strings and rock drums makes your project memorable. Will be perfect background for corporate presentations, travel vlogs, wide range of TV and radio commercials.

Quirky Playful Fun Rock

Fun indie pop rock with quirky and playful mood. Bells, live acoustic and electric guitars, choir vocals and pumpy drums will uplifting and inspiring your customers. Well suited for teen and children media projects, vacation and travel vlogs, family oriented commercials, curious animals videos and...

Uplifting and Inspiring Corporate

Uplifting and inspiring corporate track with beautiful piano melody and acoustic guitar harmonics. Composition groove gain slowly, piano melody replaces with guitar harmonics, then adds pad, making drop and then again bright and catchy melody with harmonics. Suitable for wide range of media project...
Yann Keerim
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