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My Happy Ukulele - bright Drum and Bass

Happy Ukulele is a upbeat, fun and exiting tune filled with energy, joy and happiness. It features ukulele, hand clap and energetic drums creating a carefree , positive and jolly atmosphere. Great for optimistic joyful scenes with family and children playing or motivational and inspiring commercial ...

Happy Days - uplifting drum and bass edit

Fun times, summer and carefree living – this is the sound of Happy Days! Acoustic guitars, hand clap, ukulele and acoustic drums creates a optimistic and exiting mood filled with energy and happiness. Great for motivational and inspiring presentations, happy joyful scenes with freinds and fam...

Blink (Electro Tension) - Drum + Bass

A tense electronic track invoking feelings of being chased and hunted down. Perfect for a crime thriller. Great for any scene where a feeling of tension needs to be conveyed. Dark, scary, tense & dramatic. Would work well in a spy movie or espionage thriller. Cold and lonely. Two versions availab...

Wire (Electro Tension) - Drum and Bass

Rhythmic, suspense/tension track. Layered synth elements, distorted electric guitar and pads give an eerie, echo feel. Perfect underscore for shows like NCIS & CSI. Espionage, tension, chased and hunted down. Great for a crime thriller.

Corporate Ukulele Summer - happy drum and bass edit

Happy and uplifting tune set a joyful, cheerful and positive mood. Featuring happy ukulele, rhythmic hand clap and warm exiting real acoustic strings. Great for corporate motivational and inspiring presentations, promos and commercials – and scenes of joy, summer, success, freedom, fun and ha...

Corporate Inspiring Motivational (cool drum and bass edit DnB)

Driving and upbeat motivational background instrumental music in the vein of Coldplay feauturing energetic U2 like guitars, beautiful acoustic guitar and triumphant grand piano creating a mood of success, confidence and victory. Great for corporate promo, advertising, presentations and commercials. ...

Upbeat Inspiring Positive Free - drum and bass background music

Uplifting and airy background instrumental music featuring light piano, warm, joyful strings and exiting guitars - creating a positive and motivational mood. Great as background music in corporate business presentations, commercials, ad campaigns and promotion as well as happy and inspiring scenes. ...

Inspiration Motivation Corporate Uplifting - stylish drum and bass edit

Driving, elegant and acoustic corporate music with a positive and inspiring mood. Light guitar, subtle drums and warm acoustic piano makes it great for business presentations, forward motion music, corporate promos and commercials. Simple, success, motivation, mellow music bed, optimistic, triumphan...

Free Happy Motivational Corporate - sexy drum and bass edit

Bright and positive background instrumental music with a care free and happy mood. Driving energetic guitars, simple acoustic guitar melody and optimistic piano. Great for corporate presentations, business promo, infomercial, comercial, campaign, phone on hold, TV for toddler, family and children. ...

Driving Inspiring Corporate Success (smooth drum and bass background edit)

Uplifting and positive corporate background instrumental feauturing driving gritty guitar arpeggio, warm majestic piano, smooth synth and acoustic strings. This motivational music creates an atmosphere of success, winning, achieving, innovation and inspiration. Great for business presentation videos...

Simple Inspiration Positive Piano Glockenspiel - groovy bass and drum background edit

Free, fresh, friendly and happy instrumental tune featuring simple glockenspiel melody, bouncy muted guitars, hand clap and shimmerring acoustic piano creating a uplifting and optimistic mood. Great for corporate videos, background music, business presentations and inspiring and motivational media....

Warm Happy Smooth Free - positive drum and bass background edit

Bright and happy instrumental music featuring bouncy guitar, warm acoustic guitars, soft glockenspiel melody, and mellow piano – sets a positive and carefree mood. Great for joyful scenes with family and children, inspiring presentations, advertising and corporate promos. Summer, joy, uplift...

Motivating and Uplifting (Underscore - No Drums and Bass)

Exciting, refreshing and inspiring track in modern pop dance genre. Recommended usages : promotional media, uplifting marketing videos, corporate motivational videos, projects related to modern lifestyle, youth, summer and fun.

Confirmed Fact Bass and Drums Only

Mysterious,drama,suspense type music.It start off with dark arpeggio.gradually,rhythm section comes in.At climax,arpeggio synth become more active and drums plays like dance music 4/4 kicks.This track should fit to crime suspense drama,movie,mysterious,horror types serious product.

Electro Dance Fast - Bass&Drum Background Only version

Peculiar crossover Dance/Techno/Electro pop with high energy and hooking melodies in fast tempo. Catchy and enthralling solo trumpet. Available in: main version / no lead melodies / 60sec / 30sec / Drum&Bass background. Action-packed adventures, sports competitions, racing, running, with a powerf...

Electro Dance Medium - Bass&Drum Background Only version

Peculiar crossover Dance Techno/Electro Pop/Trip hop with many melodies and sections. It's a kind of space journey, energic but not loud in mid-tempo. Available in: main version / no lead melodies / 60sec / 30sec / Drum&Bass background. Action-packed adventures, sports competitions, racing, runni...

Sunny Day Drums and Bass only

This track is pop/rock style music for background music.It start off with energetic drum fill in with unique electric guitar with wah wah pedal effects. Another electric guitar comes in while groove continue. Piano takes melody on climax section.This positive,energetic pop/rock music should be goo...

Zebra Eyes Drums and Bass Only

Epic and Dramatic background music. It start off with stylish piano arpeggio and synth voice pad.Gradually,Bass and Drums comes in to build up. Drums plays powerful groove with strings,They creates epic,dramatic feel. This track should work best to add depth and dramatic background to your project...

Breaking News - cool drum and bass edit

Exiting and intense major network news theme with epic and building strings, driving drums and suspenseful broadcast synth atmosphere creates an dramatic and urgent mood. Great for breaking bullitins, newscasts, important headlines, sports, adventure, election night and live TV front page reports

Rockabilly Gameboy- drum and bass loop

Computer game boy turns into rockabilly rebel. A quirky and energetic fun retro rock´n roll tune with wacky 8 bit nintendo style chip-tune elements. Great for video games, applications, commercials, playful happy toddler and children music, ringtones, funny scenes, chip music, cartoon and phone a...

Positive Corporate Motivation( Drum and bass edit)

Corporate motivational background music, optimistic, inspiring and hopeful. Featuring elegant guitar and soft bell theme. It builds to a confident climax that creates a feeling of success and inspiration. Great for presentations, commercials and promotion giving the feeling of hope and innovation
Yann Keerim
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