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Flowered Journey to Heaven

Instrumental positive ambient music made for strings, oboe, cello, soundscapes and synthesizers, best for relaxation and peaceful topics in space documentaries, aerial shots, reiki, yoga and natural therapies. Also great for contemplative and romantic scenes in films and tv series.


Slow blues guitar track with rock elements in the classical tradition. Floating, laid back atmosphere, ideal for cool commercials, adverts, product presentations, as well for movies or TV series.

Floating Spa

An ambient chill song with soft synth pads, warm piano and light waves atmosphere. Evokes feelings of calmness, ease and relaxation. Perfect for wellness, spa and meditation.

Relaxing Peaceful Ambient

Instrumental music made for piano, strings and synth pads. The style is New Age Ambient music, and the mood is positive and optimistic. The rhtyhm is calm, relaxed. the composition starts with the piano and strings playing the main notes and harmonies of the composition. Later, the incorporation of ...

Time Change

Pulsing and dreamy, featuring floating synthesizers, bass, piano, and beats that create a spacey, futuristic atmosphere.

Diving in the Oceans of Kepler

A calm, inspirational ambient music, made for synths and soundscapes, best for relaxing space and nature topics in films, documentaries, vlogs and podcasts.

Corporate Progress

Arpeggiated synth opening followed by an upbeat and positive piano/synth instrumental. A Good Day features piano, echoed synthesizer, Multipurpose corporate media for many uses. uplifting and positive, medium tempo electronica/trance track. A floating and airy Pop-Ambient crossover track.

Oceans of Tranquility

Calm Inspirational ambient music made for synthesizers and soundscapes, best for relaxing space and nature topics in films, documentaries, clips and podcast.

Meditation Ambient

Ambient, atmospheric music for relaxation and meditation, suitable for yoga. Also, this track can be used for vlog on the topic of space, the universe, nature.

Infinity Of Space

Spacious atmospheric piece with soft hypnotic synth pads, acoustic guitar and piano. Perfect for a variety of uses including: new age, meditation, science fiction, technology, mystery - or any project needing light, ambient, emotional music.

In A Dream State

Delicate, dreamy piece with soft guitar, piano and spacey pads. Great for atmospheric, relaxing new age background music - or any project needing light, ambient, emotional music.

Atmospheric Meditation

Atmospheric music for meditation and relaxation. Perfect for vlogging about the universe, satsangs, relaxation and immersion in a relaxed state.

Paradise Discovered (pads only)

A beautiful, dreamy track with a relaxing atmospheric feel. Delicate, ambient synth pads. Perfect for projects needing gentle, spiritual, meditation, world or new age music.

Emotional Ambient

Contemplative ambient music with piano, airy pads and warm distant drums. Inspirational mood, hearfelt atmosphere.
Yann Keerim
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