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The Funny Cooking

Funny, cheerful and happy background music track with ukulele, whistling, piano and claps. Perfect for any your optimistic, casual, funny or positive projects.

Blue Water

A relaxed bluesy rock track featuring electric piano, electric guitar, acoustic drums and an electric Fender bass. It has a slow tempo with a relaxed friendly warm calm feeling. Content, warmhearted and comfortable.

Happy Day Audio Logo

Casual audiologo featuring marimba, pizzicato strings and bells. Perfect to use as an intro, jingle or theme in your commercial, game, app or other production.

Technology Dubstep

Sounds good for both technology, hi-tech video, sport, casual and fashion video and vlogs. Featured instruments: deep bass, modern dynamic electronic drums, future bass chord synths, beautiful lead synth, stylish sound effects. Pack includes 4 versions: Technology Dubstep(main) - 2:20 Technolog...

Chillin To The Beat (short version)

Cool, groovy Electro Chill / Pop track with solid beat, catchy guitar melody, spacey synths and vocoder. This track has an uplifting, inspiring, carefree vibe, great as trendy modern background music for videos, games, presentations, television, film productions.

Flight into Asteroids (Driving Synth Arpeggio Environment)

Driving, atmospheric sound environment that creates tension. Technical, mystical mood. Fits well with space scenes, documentaries etc.

Homecoming (Electronic Break Beat Story)

Positive electro track with supporting pads, catchy melody, bass figure and crisp drum rhythm

Warming Colors (Pulsating Electronic)

Pulsating bass, melodic wide lead synth, electronic beat. 1:04 change into analog bass synth part. 2:17 Parts without beat with bass drone

Casual Friday

Casual Friday is an upbeat and chill electro track with catchy simple synth melodies. Stylish bass line giving it a special vibe. Works well as a background track for blogs, tech youtuber b-rolls, slideshows and similar. Useful in a corporate or business setting.


A cool and sexy background track consisting of rich synthetic elements, driven by an energetic and massive bass-line. Perfect to use in commercials, corporate videos or any other production seeking a rich and glamorous tone.

Colorful Skies

A fast-paced positive and uplifting rock track that's ideal for a wide variety of projects ranging from casual videos like friendships and trivia to more professional outputs like advertisements. Four versions are available: Full version (1:11) 30-second version (0:29) 15-second version (0:13) S...

Bright hopes

A light composition with guitars and percussions, which creates a hopeful atmosphere and an optimistic mood. The composition is combined with optimistic, encouraging, educational, social videos, slide shows, commercial projects, etc.
Yann Keerim
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