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Investigating the Dark

Ominous and tense background track consisting of brooding strings and synthesizer elements. The obscure and dense quality of the piece paints a bleak and somewhat dangerous atmosphere.

Gentle Pending Background

A gentle piano melody is enshrouded in various synth sounds and moved forward to a conclusion by ticking elements. Will work really well in the background of any production seeking a complementing musical background track.


Stylish and energetic track in the style of Big Beat and Funk. Undoubtedly this song is a great addition in your media project.

Sad Discovery Background Cue

A quiet melancholic piano melody combined with marimba and various other synthesizer sounds create this slightly suspenseful and sad background piece. Perfect to use in your film, documentary or any other production seeking a dense tone.

Baleful Ethnic Background Drone

A sad palette consisting of real recorded violins and cello's paint an ominous and tragic atmosphere. Small ethnic sounding motifs and carefully placed deep percussive hits contribute to the suspenseful and dramatic setting. Will work really well as background music in films, documentaries, games ...

New Insights

This musical theme represents curiosity, science, learning and reaching conclusions. The piece includes real life recordings and is produced to high standards to achieve an original sound. Will work perfectly as a theme in your documentary, film, game or other productions seeking a rich captivating ...

Curious Background

A friendly background track setting a curious and interesting mood. The track consists of marimba, piano and percussive elements keeping things fresh until the end. Will work perfectly in your film, documentary, corporate video or any other production seeking a kind high quality tone.

Open Questions Background Tension

Reflective and slightly suspenseful background track featuring marimba, synth, piano and other elements. Very useful for documentaries, podcasts or any other production seeking an unobtrusive background track to complete a narrative.

Sad Energy Tension Background

Energetic and suspenseful background track featuring bass synth, marimba, piano and strings. Perfect to use in games, documentaries or other productions in need of a driving tone.

Under Pressure Ident

Suspenseful ident consisting of brooding rhythms, piano and synthesizers. Perfect to use in documentaries, investigations, news items, movies or games. If you are looking for an intro displaying a feeling of danger and urgency, this could work very well.

Overthinking Tension Background

A reflective and slightly suspenseful background track consisting of marimba, piano, strings and rhythmic elements. Ideal to use as background music in your documentary, podcast or other production seeking a high quality tense tone.

Doubting Decisions Background Loop

Background track with a slightly contemplating tone setting the perfect atmosphere for certain passages in documentaries, film or other productions.

Doubt LoFi Cill Vibes

Doubt LoFi is Chilled out, soulful, jazzy Lo-Fi Hip Hop with lots of warm analog character. An elegant atmospheric urban Lounge Chill background with vinyl and beautiful electric guitar, bass, vibes and a beat so laid back it's underground very relaxing .

Who Am I?

Who are we? Who am I? The dissection of ourself. Are we our thoughts? Our reactions to the world? Are we our relationships or the things we do? How should we feel about our impact on the world and all the people in it?

The Contemplation Game Tension Cue

Suspenseful, dramatic and slightly melancholic background track featuring piano, pizzicato strings and various rhythmic elements. The track paints a picture of contemplation, doubt and reflection and works very well in documentaries, drama, or any other production in need of an original tense music ...

Doubting Decisions Background Loop

Background track with a slightly nervous contemplating tone setting the perfect atmosphere for certain passages in documentaries, film or other productions.

Intense Play

Suspensful, short yet engaging instrumental track. Almost anxiously floating in time, and more on the sad side, the character of the melody is accompanied by tremolo strings rising in volume - providing a bed for the sparse arrangement on top. Very suitable for transitions, suspensful cues or nervou...

Challenges Arising

Short but determined epic track with a nervous undertone and a dark feel, wide and urging yet conceiled. Ideal for transitions, action, tension and doubt.
Yann Keerim
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