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Time of Heroes

A wonderful heroic cinematic track with powerful orchestra, piano, bells, epic drums, sytnth bass and some fx. In this music you will hear the sounds of battle and victory, a wonderful and magical, fantastic and heavenly. Ideal for movie scenes, teasers, trailers, soundtracks, epic videos, battle an...

Aura (Deep House)

Moody Deep House track great for club scene with menacing undertones pulsing bass line trance like lead with atmospheric pad sweeps, ethereal qualities towards end, European house feel. Good for Pod cast background. Instrumental, Dance, Deep House

Angels In Heaven

A bright, dreamy orchestral and choir soundscape, featuring angelic harp glissando, mystical bells and airy strings. Evoking heavenly bodies, floating clouds and happy afterlife in paradise. Building to an epic finale.

Relaxing Meditation

Atmospheric, background music for relaxation, yoga, meditation, sleep.

Heavenly Kiss

Folk jazz style track that is peaceful and sentimental. Acoustic guitar lead with percussion, bass, and keys. Suitable for dramatic content, travel programming, and corporate videos/vlogs

Emotional, uplifting, spiritual and inspirational track

Emotional, uplifting, spiritual and inspirational track featuring piano, french horn, electric guitar and warm synthesizer. Hope, aspirations, visions. This tack is perfect for trailers, intros, advertisements, animations, tv shows and more.

After The Truth

Calm, reflective piano music with string ensemble for themes like love, romance, heartbreak and decision making.

Heavenly Love Loop

40 seconds Instrumental ethereal classical seamless loop music composed for choir, piano, strings, soprano and upright bass, ideal for celestial and mystical topics in films, tv series, documentaries and backgrounds. Also great for yoga, spa and relaxation.

Third Eye

A breezy and inspiring ambient track, with ethereal and dreamy keyboards, sweet and calming synths, deep warm bass and minimal relaxing drums. Useful track for meditation, Yoga, healing, nature, wildlife, soothing projects and dreamy emotional videos.

Inner Silence - peaceful calm ambient

A deep and relaxing ambient track with analog pads and piano featuring. Perfect background for meditations, prayerful videos, worships, yoga classes, inspiring speeches, spiritual videos, nature videos, drone footages, and many more.


Mellow and organic chillout track, with acoustic drums, bass groove and emotive piano, building throughout and climaxing with laid back lead guitar outro.

All Tinkled Out

A hypnotic, ambient royalty free cinematic score, with a flowing piano, chimes and a warm bass riff, great for aerials, underwater scenes, or timelapses.

Carefree Daze

Positive, breezy feel good track with strumming guitar, vibraphone and organ, conjuring a summery uplifting 60s mood. Great for documentaries, travel shows, road trips and promos.

Sunshine And Colours

Positive, engaging track, with warm bass, atmospheric harmonics and urgent piano riff, weaving an uplifting and comforting mood.

Not A Care In The World

Chilled out tune that evokes sand, gentle waves and a cool breeze. Super positive, feelgood music, perfect for beach scenes, travel shows and upbeat promos.

Ambient Sky Logo

A bright and inspiring music track with a crystal-clear piano sound. Perfect for TV, radio advertising and commercials, corporate and marketing projects, idents, trademark animations, technology related visuals, digital design, intro/outro sequences, software marketing and more!
Yann Keerim
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