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Dreams Travel Fast

Modern orchestral and melodic track with big orchestra, long silky strings and choir. Romantically dressed with piano and percussive drums, this track can neatly serve to accommodate underscore, progressive pictures or colour nature scenes or documentary. Together with the subtle drama building up t...

Dramatic episode (cinematic emotional)

An exciting emotional musical composition with piano and strings for dramatic scenes or films.

Cinematic suspense drama orchestra background

The background music is dramatic and suspenseful scene with an alarming atmosphere and specifically-chosen tools.

My City

This track sets the stage for any love scene or dramatic take, thought provoking composition.

Energetic and motivational jazzy rock music

Energetic and motivational jazzy/indie rock music. Perfect background for your video or multimedia projects. Perfect uses could include: music for commercials, music for motivational videos, music to go over video of sporting and nature scenes etc.

Motivational energetic indie-rock

Inspirational and Motivational track. Perfect background for your video or multimedia projects. Perfect uses could include: music for motivational videos, a scene involving sporting, music to go over images of cosmos and nature scenes etc.

Oriental Middle East Arabic - Loop Version

This one is an authentic background epic instrumental composition with deep oriental strings, passion oud, groovy ethnic darbuka. Inspired with traditional arabic musical mood. This background track perfect for middle east background video projects, travel videos, Arabian commercial and documentary,...


Women is an uplifting, emotional, motivational, cinematic soundtrack, featuring piano, strings, acoustic & electric guitars, glockenspiel, drums. Recommended for: woman's day celebrations, romantic videos, wedding projects, Valentine’s Day videos, emotional videos, nature videos, commercials,...

Dramatic orchestral tunes background

Beautiful dramatic orchestral background for the story cinematic scenes with a tense atmosphere and enlightening finale.

Dark Melancholic Piano

A very dark and depressing piece for piano. Conveys moods of confusion and sorrow. Perfect for films, documentaries, video games, drama, emotional scenery, slideshows, tv shows, podcasts, social media, commercials and any project that requires a haunting and melancholic background music.

Methexis (version 3)

A very expressive and dramatic cinematic piano track, perfect for trailer music or a movie soundtrack.
Yann Keerim
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