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Robotic Technology

An experimental, organic and electronic hybrid track, featuring guitar noise, odd metal percussion and one of a kind sounddesign. Styled for factual documentary background and science and technology underscore. For ads, promo, commercials, corporate, youtube videos and media projects about scientifi...

Under Development

A busy, organic and electronic hybrid track, featuring a repetitive guitar pattern, punchy bass, atmospheric pads and glitchy percussion. Styled for factual documentary background and science and technology underscore. For ads, promo, commercials, corporate, youtube videos and media projects about s...

I Miss You So

Emotional and dramatic cinematic piano theme with sad melancholic and nostalgic mood. Great for tv series, figure scating, emotional and sentimental videos, trailers, sad background, drama, sad stories, documentary, emotional cinematic, nature videos, sadness scenes, slow slideshow, slow motion vide...

Clinical Trial

Science "curiosity" corporate track with light hearted investigative vibes. Mallet and 5/4 rhythms great for mystery and technology based content

Investigating the Dark

Ominous and tense background track consisting of brooding strings and synthesizer elements. The obscure and dense quality of the piece paints a bleak and somewhat dangerous atmosphere.


Slow scary track. Perfect for trailers, videogames, youtube and mach more Massive synths, amazing industrial parts, nice ambient elements, punchy groove and high-quality sound

Curious Background

A friendly background track setting a curious and interesting mood. The track consists of marimba, piano and percussive elements keeping things fresh until the end. Will work perfectly in your film, documentary, corporate video or any other production seeking a kind high quality tone.

Open Questions Background Tension

Reflective and slightly suspenseful background track featuring marimba, synth, piano and other elements. Very useful for documentaries, podcasts or any other production seeking an unobtrusive background track to complete a narrative.

Shaolin Trap

Cinematic composition in modern trap performance. It conveys a mood of tension, unusual, fear, unknown. Ideal for voice acting of crime scenes, series, films.

Easy Life

haunting, dark, foreboding, sad, piano, ethereal, gothic, dystopia, covid, coronavirus, end times, suspense, pessimistic, stings, orchestral, cinematic


A Haunting Piano composition. Invoking visions of a Dystopic world somewhere in the near future, a tale of hauntings and horror, or perhaps an unsolved mystery. A string ensemble supports the haunting melody and provides an air of suspense.


A cinematic track great for horror movies. Modern sounding, Trap beat, convenient installation. All sounds draw something dark and terrible in the head.

Wars and Hammers

An epic, orchestral adventure that captures an adrenaline fulled event horizon of battle. Climax driven ethnic and metallic percussion with dramatic brass and strings capture the essence of this dynamic cinematic composition.


Trance, with use of sounds of a synthesizer of Access Virus TI!

Waiting in Line

Positive tension bed featuring synthesizers, piano, marimba, bells and arpeggios. Perfect to use as background music in documentaries, corporate videos or other productions in need of light tension music.


Powerful heavy trailer track. Perfect for horror, action, thriller movies and trailers. Included sound design, rockin drums, heavy guitars and electronic pads.
Yann Keerim
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