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Odyssey (Epic Rock)-Epic Climax

Composer: Sotirios Bakas
Cinematic and epic rock music featuring flutes,guitars,bass,drums,organ,saxophone and soundscapes. Suitable for projects, commercials, advertising, marketing campaigns, YouTube videos and more who seek an ambient, cinematic and epic rock feel into the music.

Dreaming My Escape(Epic Climax) [0:59]

Composer: Sotirios Bakas
Emotional cinematic music featuring flutes,saxophone,guitars,bass,drums,rhodes and organ. Perfect for tvfilm, commercials, advertising, marketing campaigns, YouTube videos who seek music for landscapes,nature,travelling,memories with a dreamy and intense and an epic climax into the music.

Fragrant Mornings (Building Inspiring Climax)

Composer: Horace
The evocative tune, the dawn, the breakfast in the morning, the smell of flowers in early springtime.

Urban Smooth Jazz Climax Loop

Composer: FS_Production
Urban Smooth Jazz is sophisticated,funky smooth jazz track. Latin influenced groove and funky bass line carries groove. Jazzy chord progression played with electric piano,violins and piano plays urban feeling melody. tambourine and hand clap add some dance music feel.


Composer: Alex Khaskin
An epiphany, discovering your path in life, embarking on a quest. The music swells to a glorious, heroic climax. Perfect for moments of inspiration, divine intervention or witnessing something miraculous.

Uplifting Cinematic Buildup

Composer: Roger Stark
Orchestral crescendo with a heavenly / angelical feeling that builds up into a climax. Main instruments: Female voices, piano, strings and percussion.

Epic Cinematic Sports

Composer: Roger Stark
Epic and motivational crescendo with musical dynamics. Awe-inspiring powerful feeling suitable for sports, teasers or anything that requires a sense of strength and will.

Emotional & Uplifting Advertising

Composer: Roger Stark
An uplifting contemporary orchestral crescendo perfect for advertising, trailers, sports, commercials, teasers and Youtube videos. This track starts with an emotional string staccato that builds into a passionate brass passage and ends with a glorious climax. Featuring instruments: Piano, orchestral...

Piano & Emotional Orchestra

Composer: Roger Stark
Emotional orchestral piece with a slow and sensitive intro that leads into a final string climax. Influences: James Horner, Thomas Neuman, Alan Silvestri

For Ever

Composer: Michael Adels
Piano and string arrangement ending in an emotional climax.


Composer: Michael Adels
Piano and string arrangement with an epic ending in an emotional climax.

Imagine (no solo melodies)

Composer: Michael Adels
Piano and string arrangement with an epic ending in an emotional climax.

Cinematic Epic Orchestral

Composer: Roger Stark
Modern Cinematic track with orchestral instruments and real drums. This awe inspiring piece starts with ostinato violins and builds up into an epic climax with rock drums. Suitable for high emotional projects. Features strings, violin, viola, cello, brass, woodwinds, orchestral percussion, and drums...

Cinematic Sci-fi Advertising

Composer: Roger Stark
Inspiring hybrid ambient cinematic piece that starts with mystery and suspense and builds up into a final climax. Featuring, synthesizers, orchestral strings, grand piano and electronic noises.

Beautiful Memories

Composer: Pablo & Alexandra
Great romantic and sentimental mood that could really be used in corporate motivational projects as well. The song loops seamlessly. It artfully pops beautiful melodies with the help of rhodes, pianos and subtle strings. The rhythm is driven by delay guitars and groovin’ beats. It climaxes to a lo...

Uplifting Cinematic Advertising

Composer: Roger Stark
Inspiring orchestral track. Features Grand Piano, Strings, Woodwinds, Obstinate Strings and Synthesizers. This emotional track starts with an awe soft piano and builds up into a powerful orchestral climax.

Epic Orchestral Cinematic Hero

Composer: Roger Stark
Epic, victorious and awe orchestral composition. It builds up from quiet inspiring strings to an uplifting and glorious climax with plenty musical dynamics. This track is great for film, documentaries, patriotic scenes, video games, battle, sports and other media projects. Featuring instrumen...

Inspiring & Motivational Orchestral Soundtrack

Composer: Roger Stark
Emotive and hopeful orchestral buildup perfect for documentaries, trailers, film, movies, inspirational advertisings and commercials. This poignant, passionate and beautiful track starts from a peaceful and tender ambient beginning with strings and acoustic piano. This musical journey mixes differ...

Hopeful & Inspiring Ambient Buildup

Composer: Roger Stark
Emotive ambient orchestral piece that grows into an ecstatic climax. This cinematic and warm cue is composed with a mixture of acoustic and orchestral sounds with synthesizers and organic effects.

Cinematic Epic Sports Trailer

Composer: Roger Stark
1 Minute of background epic orchestral perfect for advertising, commercials, sports, hero movies, and other media projects. This heroic, positive and inspiring trailer has the exact length of one minute. 60 seconds of awesome and hopeful victorious music that inspires bravery. This energetic and pow...
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