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Epic Film Company Logo

A cinematic opening logo in classic Hollywood style, featuring big brass, cinematic strings, orchestral percussion, timpani and drums. Perfect for movie intros, film production company logos, movie studio logos, award shows, opening ceremonies, opening curtain, commercial, presentation, sport event,...

Neo Classical Tension Cue

Realistic suspenseful background track consisting of cello, violin, viola, piano and contrabass.


A dark, rising, dramatic and heroic cinematic trailer. Very powerful music of outstanding quality! Perfect for movie teasers, epic trailers, promotional video, action scenes, advertising, car show, opening, adventure movie, TV ads, corporate motivational presentation, war game, self presentation,...

Global Awakening

An inspiring, cinematic epic track with sound of symphonic orchestra, big drums, cymbals, sub drops, synth plucks, cinematic piano and choir. Ideal for movie trailers, teasers, soundtracks, epic intros, video games, advertising, youtube videos, cartoons etc.


A dramatic, inspiring, powerful hybrid trailer with lots of action, featuring an incredible symphonic orchestra, grand piano, mixed choir, epic drums, synths, pads and different sound fx. This track was created for movie trailers, blockbusters, classic trailer inspire, movies, teasers, intros, youtu...

Motivational Epic Trailer

Motivational Epic Trailer This is powerful Epical and Motivational track with symphonic instruments like: Strings, Violins, Horns, Piano, Epic Drums and more Perfect for your media Project!

Cinematic Emotional Trailer with Piano and Strings

his one is an Epic Cinematic Score featuring an epic orchestra with energetic symphonic strings, big cinematic percussion and atmospheric pianos. Epic Cinematic Score is a song filled with life, dramatic moments, excitement and strong and powerful vibes and mood. This music background is great for a...

This is the Epic

This is classical powerful epical track with symphonic instruments like: violin, horn and piano, perfect for movies, video games, trailers, private videos and much more…

The Epic

This is powerful inspiring trailer track with symphonic instruments like violin, horn and piano, perfect for movies, video games, trailers, private videos and much more!

News Flash

An intro for a breaking news show or a special report. Dramatic, grand, orchestral with a touch of electronic.

A Dog's Christmas

Warm funny orchestral Christmas holiday track featuring Dogs "Botón" & "Frodo" barking and howling along.

Deck the Halls

This is a symphonic version of one of the most known Christmas songs – “Deck the Halls”. This holiday-themed song features traditional bells, piano, strings, and of course jingle bells. Perfect for your holiday commercial, product video, or anything else that needs that perfect seasonal touch.

Quantum Seizure

A grand epic cinematic EDM hybrid track with electronic elements blended with symphonic orchestra. Exhilirating and majestic vibes.suitable for trailers, tv/film action, adventure, or scifi soundtrack or underscore, science & technology documentaries, or any epic programming or vlogs

Of Knights and Dragons

Epic medieval orchestral track. A heroic brass theme is slowly introduced by tense strings and confirmed by a regal harp motif before things slowly grow darker and more serious. Ominous choir chants confirm the upcoming task at hand. Slaying dragons, chasing the enemy, saving the princess... You n...

Conquerors of the Seas

Epic maritime orchestral track. Triumphant brass, strings and heavy percussion creating a maritime epic film theme. Perfect to use in your film, game or other production in need of Adventure or pirate music.

Victorian Profundus Concerto

Classical piece composed for solo violin and orchestra. The main theme is played very lively and fast creating a sense of urgency, concentration and inspiration.
Yann Keerim
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