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Piano Cinematic Corporate

Modern inspirational, corporate piano track! Great for use in commercical, business, presentations, background, openers, advertising, youtube, wedding, festival, family, nature videos and videohive projects! I used beauty piano, strings, orchestra and percussion!

Inspirational Epic

Inspiring cinematic epic track with energetic symphonic strings, powerful horns, strong dubstep drums, atmospheric piano and modern synths. Best for cinematic trailers, games, corporate presentations and new technology promos and advertising.

Piano Orchestral Logo

Inspiring corporate logo with rich arrangement. You can hear whole orchestra, piano and drums. This logo can be best solution for corporate identity, for the old and famous brands that want emphasize their adherence to traditions. This logo is also can be great ident for radio and TV shows, Youtube ...

Acoustic Positive Romantic

It`s an acoustic romantic music theme with real acoustic guitar, rich sounding piano and sweet violins. Mood of item is calming, dreamy and lovely. Ideal for storytelling, romantic wedding slideshows, sentimental cinema moments, ads with childrens, health media projects, family oriented commercials...

Ending Journey

A short simple piano logo reveal. For all media project, presentation, openers and more.

Cinematic Thoughtful Documentary

Cinematic thoughtful theme with a lot of magic piano and beautiful strings. Also you can hear many drums and percussions that sounds very delicate. Composition is growth gradually and get peak at the end. This music is looking for interesting documentary, creative ads, motivational corporate projec...

Nature Positive Documentary

Sweet nature ambient music with piano and strings. This inspiring composition is full of care, love, hope, beauty and peace. Works best in narration, documentary, corporate projects, inspiring motivational videos, healthcare ads, explainers, slideshows and as background for youtube vlogs.

Epic Orchestral Drama

Epic orchestral composition with full orchestra and huge drums. Anxiety mood that something must happen.

Classical Dubstep

Classical cinematic trailer theme with dubstep arrangement. Modern style sounds with fairy mood will be perfect for your video production!

Mysteries by the River

Emotional and classical epic track, rather melancholic yet mysterious and adventurous. Mid part bigger and more epic, heroic and patriotic. Beautifully arranged with percussion, brass and choir. Very engaging and emotional through melodic strings. End part builds up in intensity and leaves the audie...

Something Peculiar

Very classical symphonic adventure track. Opens rather eery and mysterious but evolving with sparse orchestration and string arrangement into a full beautiful instrumental track. Mid part more playful, higher and brighter through interesting runs in the strings and woodwinds, accompanied by brass an...

White Walls

Classical and emotional rich track, soft and beautifully dressed within a narrow orchestration. Driven by vibrant strings, fluent brass and the grand piano. Mid part intensifies in arrangement and sets the stage for a bigger, higher and ore glorious adventagous sound. Closure is realized in the pian...


Beautiful emotional and very melodic track that features big orchestra, lush strings and sets a romantic atmosphere. Ideal for emotional background, underscore or documentary.

Forsaken City

Dark and dystopian soundtrack featuring synths and orchestra.

The Long Goodbye

Melancholic and romantic piano theme supported by acoustic guitar and strings.

Tender romance (Dreamy happy classical)

A calm composition with piano, bells and strings, creating a touching atmosphere and an emotional mood. Combined with sentimental videos, romantic, wedding, emotional themes, slide shows, social videos, etc.

Valentines day (Romantic sensual piano)

A calm piano composition that creates a romantic atmosphere and a calming mood. Combined with holiday, romance, wedding, commercial projects, animation, slideshow, etc.

Frustrated hopes (Sadness emotional piano)

A calm piano composition that creates an atmosphere of unfulfilled hopes and a sad mood. Combined with nostalgic, calm, dramatic, social videos, commercial projects, animation, slide shows, etc.

Breeziness of seaside (Relaxed peaceful piano)

Acoustic piano composition that creates a relaxed atmosphere and a calm mood of carelessness. Combined with relaxation, romantic, peaceful and commercial projects, animation, infographics, etc.
Yann Keerim
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