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Better days ahead

A calm composition with piano and strings, creating a gentle atmosphere and sensual mood. Combined with calm, peaceful, happy, sensual, holiday videos, slideshows, social themes, etc.

Life creeds

A light soulful composition with an inspiring atmosphere and an emotional mood. In combination with peaceful, social, relational, emotional videos, commercial projects, etc.

Motorsports Exciting Rock

It is a cool, uplifting, exciting, energetic, fast, powerful, hard, dynamic, aggressive and driving guitar rock. Perfect for course introduction of motorsports program, interview, highlight video, thrilling movie, anime, game, etc.

In Orbit Suspenseful Sound Design

Tense and ominous sounding background track that gives you a sense of space and suspense. The main piano theme is carried forth by real analog synthesizers giving the piece an organic quality.

The Chosen One

This is an acoustic rock song. It is touching, emotional, bittersweet, and heartfelt. Great for scenes involving relationship difficulty, hard break ups, emotionally challenging sequences of loss, etc. It is a song about how you can take everything away from the man, but you can't take his love.

LY The Line Is Dropped

This is an indie pop song about a girl removing herself from a toxic relationship. This song uses legal metaphors to describe the abuse of a former lover. Great for break up scenes.

LY Speak Up

This is a heartfelt indie pop song about being honest and communicating in relationship.

Can't Stop Me

This is a happy, feel good indie pop song about feeling on top of the world in a relationship. This song is romantic and portrays a relationship that cant be broken.

Can You

This is a nostalgic indie pop song about a past relationship. It is heartfelt and depressing. Great for a scene where a girl thinks of her former lover.

Best Kiss

This is an indie pop song duet about being happy in a relationship. Great for love/puppy love scenes.

Alittle Worry

This is an indie pop song about being happy in a relationship no matter the circumstance. It’s a care-free love song that is meant to encourage.

I Am Everything

This is a pop rock song. It is heartfelt, emotional, and touching. Great for scenes involving heartbreak, relationship difficulties, and relationship separations. It is a lovely song about a woman singing to her lover, beckoning them to show their true selves.
Yann Keerim
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