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Sweet Embrace at Last

A warm embrace of love and longing – a longing finally fulfilled! Together, home at last! A rush of excitement that extends into a time of reflection and peace of mind. Orchestral sound.

Bad Love (Epic Dark Dramatic Pop)

A grand, soaring electro-soul song about a broken relationship and being hurt, with haunting female lead vocals, airy piano, strings, keys, pulses, and big percussions, ideal for films, credits, majestic scenery, and horror stories.

The Grand Revelation

Epic cinematic track that starts with an emotional piano theme and gradually builds to a big orchestral climax. Regal sounding choir parts take a central place in the piece. The following versions are included: 1. The Grand Revelation – Main Version 2. The Grand Revelation – Instrumental Ver...


A fresh and clean background track is perfect for any inspirational, motivational, or uplifting projects! Instruments feature acoustic guitar, electric muted guitar, and piano.

Worlds Apart 2022

An ethereal acoustic singer songwriter pop track about love and longevity. Dreamy and dramatic with acoustic guitars, piano, ambient textures, cinematic percussion, and orchestral and electronic hybrid elements. Great as soundtrack, theme, or underscore for tv/film and social media

Sincere Lie

Alternative Rock with Anthemic Feel. Starts with piano riff and builds with guitar and full band arrangement. Uplifting and cool vibe great for reflection montages and ads

Follow The Light

An emotional and hopeful neoclassical piece with piano, cello, viola, and violin ensemble. Reflective and dramatic great for tv/film drama, motivational programming, travel and self help vlogs, and film score

The Narrative

Calm, peaceful piano underscore music with string elements for themes like decision making, self reflection, love, romance and heartbreak.


Calm, peaceful piano underscore music with string elements for themes like decision making, self reflection, love, romance and heartbreak. Very dramatic mood.

After The Truth

Calm, reflective piano music with string ensemble for themes like love, romance, heartbreak and decision making.

After Love

Calm, peaceful piano underscore music with pulsing bass for themes like decision making, leaving, self reflection and relationships.

Into The Fire

Emotional, dramatic, sad pop music with original vocals for themes like relationship, love and romance.

Better days ahead

A calm composition with piano and strings, creating a gentle atmosphere and sensual mood. Combined with calm, peaceful, happy, sensual, holiday videos, slideshows, social themes, etc.

Life creeds

A light soulful composition with an inspiring atmosphere and an emotional mood. In combination with peaceful, social, relational, emotional videos, commercial projects, etc.

Motorsports Exciting Rock

It is a cool, uplifting, exciting, energetic, fast, powerful, hard, dynamic, aggressive and driving guitar rock. Perfect for course introduction of motorsports program, interview, highlight video, thrilling movie, anime, game, etc.
Yann Keerim
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