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Sentimental Story

Inspiring and emotional cinematic soundtrack created by violins, piano and acoustic guitar. It is perfect for a wedding video, inspirational moments, photo presentations, social advertising and other media projects.

Kaleidoscope (Atmospheric Post-Rock)

An emotive, atmospheric Post-Rock track that has many uses. Great for documentaries, films, games and advertising. It features full orchestra, synth pads, felt piano, ethereal voices, cinematic percussion and vinyl record fx. Available in Full and Short edits.

Lo-Fi Chillout Hip Hop Beat

Lo-Fi Chillout Hip Hop Beat Youtube Vlog Is a peaceful, relaxing hip-hop with lo fi style and have sentimental, nostalgic, emotive, dreamy, melancholic mood. Chill out vinyl sound, light, soft and ambient lofi beat, smooth neo soul chords, warm guitar, groovy bass. Hip hop beat are mixed with dreamy...

Room 8

Beautiful, contemplative, intimate piano-led track with gentle string arrangement. Perfect for projects needing high quality, emotive music such as film, trailers, gaming, TV, advertising, sports and Youtube videos. 101bpm

Get Lost In Your Heart LoFi

Get Lost In Your Heart LoFi is A romantic and chill royalty free lo-fi hip-hop beat, Best for the lounge, everyday life-related visuals, lingerie boutique commercials, makeup YouTube videos, morning routine vlogs, and other chillwave media projects.

Chill Morning LoFi

Chill Morning LoFi is Very touching melody with the deep beat will inspire your production. Touching, solemn, tender, encouraging; beautiful feelings for your media work. This track is perfect for emotive projects, slideshows, inspirational commercials projects, motivational presentations, wedding ...

A Little More Time

Symphonic and emotionally driven adventurous epic track. Very engaging and beautifully dressed with subtle percussion patterns, emotive violins, and accentuated strings. Passionate character intensifies and compellingly evolves as the track goes, picks up momentum and ends rather vibrant in the solo...

Emotional Piano and Cello

A cinematic ambient royalty free track with ethereal pianos, lead cello and mellow strings. This highy emotional melancholic piece suits good for sad movie scenes, nature/drone videos, documentaries and other atmospheric content.

Ambient Cinematic Post Rock

An ambient cinematic post rock track featuring airy guitars, big rock drums and bass. Good for nature videos, drone and slowmotion content.

Melancholic Dramatic Post Rock

An ambient dramatic post rock track featuring melodic atmospheric guitars, fat bass and raw drums with a calm melancholic intro, neutral middle part and highly emotional final part. Good for sad film scenes, nature videos, trailers, timelapses.

Cinematic Indie

A cinematic indie rock track featuring melodic male vocals, dramatic final part with a guitar solo, indie fat drums. Good for calm and dramatic video content, film scenes.

Dramatic Sad Piano & Strings

This is a sad emotional orchestral music track with a very dramatic vibe. Perfect for santimental videos, documentaries, trailers and intros.
Yann Keerim
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