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It was my intention with this piece to quickly surprise the listener, taking her/him to quite a different world and mood. It is one of those pieces of mine where the bassline is what actually becomes the melody. The lack of a clear upfront melody is what gives me the freedom to create music that is ...


An emotional climactic and heroic track featuring orchestra, percussion and piano.


This track is like the beginning of something creative and incredible. The epic middle of the track, like the birth of a new star, strives for the highest goal with its energy. Choral parts, orchestral violins combined with synthesizers and percussion effects convey the mood of new life and freedom.


This is an instrumental track, with a festive mood, built around different kind of ethnic instruments, mostly strings. It was inspired by nature, and intended as a celebration to Earth Day 2021.

Underwater I Am Free

A smooth chill song starting with stringpads, filtered drums and a sonar sound before it opens up with a male „Ah“-voice and a sweet piano melody. This piece is perfect for any media, presentation or commercial dealing with diving or underwater nature.

Darkness Awaits - Aggressive Evil Ambient Trap

Haunting, ambient, horrorful, dark and dramatic audio background with a tremendous cinematic atmosphere! Perfect for Movie Presentations, Halloween Vlogs and Videos, Make Up Tutorials, Movie trailers, travel vlogs, tech tutorials, gaming intros, sport documentaries, wedding videos, photography vide...

The Fresh Approach - Laid Back Jazzy Hip Hop

Highly inspirational, jazzy, playful, light, chill, care-free, easygoing, positive, light and motivational hip hop/urban audio background! Perfect for sports, travel, gaming, kids education, self-improvement, make up and tech tutorial vlogs and videos!

In Too Deep - Thoughful Trap Ambient

Sad, romantic, inspirational, reflective and mind blowing rap/urban/hip hop audio background! Perfect for sports, travel, gaming, photography, photo album, retro wedding, social justice and self improvement vlogs and videos!

Himalaya Sunrise

A warm piece of piano music featuring Asian bells and synth pads.

Asian Melancholy

This is an Asian style melancholic track played by guzheng and strings.

Asian Melancholy

This is an Asian style melancholic track played by guzheng and strings.

Asian Melancholy 2

Asian Melancholy 2 is a sad song with guzheng, flute and strings as main instruments. Perfect for any melancholic or sad film scene relating to Asia or Asian people.

Flying Over Mountains

Flying Over Mountains is an orchestral piece of music which celebrates the beauty of mountain landscapes. This song is perfect for any material relating to flying, mountains and nature.
Yann Keerim
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