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Your Hilarious Ways

This is a happy and bubbly track that features an acoustic guitar, piano, celesta, human whistle and light brushed drums. Perfect for children’s films or theme shows, cartoons, light comedies, and more. Track total time is 1:00.

La La Song

A happy, uplifting royalty-free music, with ukuleles, acoustic guitars, and violin, and claps with a positive and joyful vibe, best for family, nature, or carefree projects.

With A Smile

An inspiring, infectious track with a latin feel, featuring classical pizzicato and staccato strings, bright piano and bells, driving claps and percussion, cool double bass and drums. A sunny string motif leads to a playful timbales solo, building to a fuller final section. Many edit points. Perfect...

Upbeat & Fun Energetic Indie Rock

Upbeat and Fun – Energetic, positive, optimistic, happy track with electro guitar and catchy whistle melody! Perfect for advertising, TV, radio,corporative presentations, private videos, slideshows, photo slideshow and more…

The Funk It

A positive and upbeat funk track-with a classic funky bass, energetic drum groove and electric guitar – is perfect for your project such as: lifestyle, sports, games, funny video jokes, advertising, reviews and much more..

Tropical Summer

Tropical Summer - Positive and happy, Tropical Summer Pop track with a catchy melody! Perfect for Radio, TV, advertising, private videos and more…

On The Sunny Side

An inspiring, carefree track, featuring classical pizzicato and staccato strings, driving piano, lively claps and percussion, double bass, bells and drums. A catchy piano motif leads to a playful middle section, building to a fuller finale. Many edit points. Perfect for corporate and commercial use,...

Funny Cinematic Western Commercial

An uplifting light country track, featuring iconic guitars and groovy drums. An ironic spaghetti western intro leads to a positive driving tune. Perfect for commercials, tv advertising, viral marketing, web advertisements, corporate use, teasers, trailers, animation, cartoons, youtube.

This is Happy

Happy – Fast, fun, uplifting, positive, energetic and upbeat track with a whistle, perfect for Advertising, Radio, TV, corporative video presentations, lifestyle, cooking, shows, exhibitions, private videos and more… Used Instruments: Ukulele, Whistle, Acoustic Guitars, Piano, Glockenspiel, Bel...

Sweet Embrace at Last

A warm embrace of love and longing – a longing finally fulfilled! Together, home at last! A rush of excitement that extends into a time of reflection and peace of mind. Orchestral sound.

Funny Cartoon Story

A quirky and fun orchestral piece in the style of classic cartoons and comedy, very playful and rich in variety. Featuring strings, woodwinds, brass, orchestral percussion and drums. Perfect for animation, children movies, tv, commercial, youtube videos.

Truly Inspirational

Inspiring uplifting cinematic track featuring piano, solo violins, strings and orchestral elements. The track slowly builds to a grand climax.

If Looks Could Kill

A comical, slightly scary and suspenseful track, featuring all kinds of plucky sounds, harpsichord, pizzicato and tremolo strings, bells, flute, clarinet, piano effects and light percussion. Creating a clear dramedy/comedy feel. Awkward moments, curious situations in suburban family life, spying sce...

Optimistic Life | Happy & Fun Ukulele Track with Whistle

Happy & Upbeat musical track with Ukulele and fun human whistle perfect for Cooking Videos, Happy Videos, Kids, Family Videos etc...

Waiting In Vain

A comical, slightly suspenseful track, featuring all kinds of plucky sounds, banjo, pizzicato strings, bells, ticking clock, playful piano motifs and light percussion. Creating a clear dramedy/comedy feel. Awkward moments, suburban desperation, spying scenes, waiting in vain, sneaky housewives, misc...

Amazing Travel

Life-affirming, positive, joyful Pop dance for travel, carefree rest and love. Tropical Lighthouse. Sea, sun, friends to catch the happy moments of life. Light, playing parts of the synthesizer combined with a rhythmic groove and soft bass.
Yann Keerim
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