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Psychedelic Chaos

A psychedelic dance track with a melodic touch and emphasis on bass. Quirky synths with a strong powerful beat and bassline. Perfect for technology, sci-fi and technology oriented content. Track consists of bass, drums, and tasteful distorted synthesizers. Can also be used in a dystopic setting.

Winning In Life

This is the track to play to celebrate extreme success or pair with party content. Highly energetic and fast dance background track. With happy, and fun uplifting dance melodies played by slightly distorted synth lines. Backed up with layered intensive bass lines and beat. Use this for extreme sport...

Happy Indie Pop Rock

An energetic and happy indie-pop track featuring uplifting electric rock guitars, fast rock bass, positive claps, bright inspiring vocals, and energetic drums. Featuring a driving rock riff and friendly vocals melodies accompanied by claps and catchy guitar melody, it will prove to be more than perf...

On It

An energetic track full of percussive and impactful rhythms ideal for projects like fast slideshows, and projects about sports and active lifestyles. Three versions are available: Full version (1:13) 30-second version (0:29) Stinger

Happy Mandolin

A cheerful, inspiring, bouncy track featuring mandolin, piano, shakers and drums. The perfect track for a happy mood for a joyful advertisement, project, tutorial, vlog, video, podcast or video game.

Casino Men

An instrumental groovy track with a heist film vibe.

Polonaise (Frederic Chopin)

A very dramatic, intricate, grand piece by Frederic Chopin performed on solo piano. Perfect for projects needing intense, powerful classical piano music.

Countdown Teaser Trailer

This is aggressive hybrid trailer music. Best for cinematic teaser, action promo, game stream intro. You can hear super fury drums, rising synths and effects.

Morning Run

An energetic driving percussion track with stomps, claps, snaps, boots, Hammond organ and distorted guitars great for corporate media, action visuals, dynamic video projects, commercials and many more!

Dark Eerie Drum And Bass

A groovy, mystical royalty free drum and bass tune with dark synths, cool fx and basslines, perfect for action trailers, fast games or car racing videos.


Easter is an upbeat, bouncy, joyful track. Featuring a ukulele, acoustic guitars, piano, happy bells. The mood is easy, positive, cheerful. Perfect for:  Easter projects and promos, commercials & advertising, summer projects, children's projects, happy and funny videos, cooking tutorials, tv & rad...

Be My Samba

An instrumental jazz track with a latin samba vibe and an elegant mood. Perfect for vlogs or ads.
Yann Keerim
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