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Raging Inferno

"Raging Inferno" is a fast and aggressive thrash metal instrumental track that delivers a relentless and powerful sound. With its blistering guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and intense energy, this track is perfect for projects that demand an adrenaline-fueled, high-octane soundtrack. Ideal for use ...

No Brakes

Powerful and energetic music track with dirty and catchy riffs and addictive rhythms. Perfect for: trailer, advertising, highlights video, commercial, video games, advertising and much more. Other edits of this track are available.

Cool Inspiring Logo 3

An uplifting and inspiring sound logo featuring acoustic guitar and synthesizer. Perfect for corporate branding, manufacturing, web content, advertising, introduction videos, animation eyecatchers, radio and news program jingles, science program jingles, etc.

Thrash Metal

A heavy and evil thrash metal track featuring distorted electric guitars, a chunky bass, and punchy drums. It is suitable as background music in advertisements, commercials, films, movies, video games, Youtube videos, and more.


A moving piece for Cello and piano, with dynamic swells and strong themes. The track constantly builds towards a passionate ending and is ideal for moving scenes in film and television.

Fever Of Disco

This is upbeat vintage disco music track with funky guitars, authentic disco strings and brass section. This background music track will be perfect for throwback videos with 70's and 80's theme. Retro commercials, dance content, positive promotions and more.

Happy Upbeat Background Pop

'Happy Upbeat Background Pop' is a catchy, motivational, uplifting and happy pop background track, consisting of synths, piano, hand claps, electric guitars, a driving drum beat and strings. It offers an uplifting happy mood and works and is ideal for uplifting commercials, educational videos, sport...

Vintage Indie Rock

Active and fun indie rock background music track with a slight feel of vintage rock. Perfect for dynamic and active commercials or advertising videos for TV, Radio and social media campaigns for Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. This track includes driven guitars, catchy melodies and fun claps

Upward Bound

This is an Indie Rock track with a motivational and inspirational vibe. The track features a catchy indie guitar melody, dreamy synth pads, uplifting singing crowd and a driving beat that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to take on the world. Perfect for commercials, presentations, and any...

Uplifting and Happy Corporate Background

Happy, engaging upbeat corporate track with a lead marimba part and atmospheric strings and synth background pads. It makes you feel happy, motivated and inspired. This music track will be good background music for advertisements, Instagram ads, business promotional materials, and presentations. It...

Upbeat Uplifting Summer's Day Pop

A modern pop track that is perfect for uplifting and hopeful videos of summer, adventure, travel, happy times, joy and good memories. Works well for product promotional videos and advertisements on Instagram and Youtube. Good background music for commercials. Evokes good feelings.

Upbeat Extreme Sports Music

Upbeat and energetic extreme sports action music. Huge toms, drums, and rock guitars make it very dynamic and driving. Can be used for trailers, car and driving videos, sports game videos and events, dynamic advertisings and energetic projects. Works for slow-mo, Kickstarter campaigns, commercials, ...
Yann Keerim
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