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The Lovin' Funk

Slick, sexy pop with chilled vibes, dressed in style and a huge slice of funky. Featuring electric guitars, bass, chill organ, brass, drums, hand claps and percussion. Perfect for advertising, commercials, summer, night life, parties, fashion shoots, slick videos, Ibiza, dancing/clubbing videos, ho...

Short News Announcement

Engaging short introduction that can be used in a news program, documentary, commercial or any other production seeking the tone of announcement.

Tension Bed 1

Epic tension track consisting of percussion, strings and other elements to create an intense brooding feeling. Perfect to use in your game, game show, app or other media production that needs suspense music.

Energy Rock

Courageous, energetic and explosive rock track. Created using a distorted bass guitar, drums and electric guitar. Perfectly suitable as background music for TV, radio and advertising.

Live It Up

"live it up" is a fresh positive pop dance track. It is perfect for advertising, presentations, TV shows, promotions, Youtube channel, radio, slide shows, holiday and vacation videos and other projects.

Be Happy

Energetic and positive upbeat track with ukulele, acoustic guitar, piano and bells. Perfect for Radio or TV advertising, slideshow, YouTube videos, corporate presentations and much more...

Forever Farewell Emotional Piano

A gentle warm piano theme moves forward to a sad conclusion. Surrounded by strings and spacious effects this track works perfectly in scenes and media seeking an emotional undercurrent. A sense of realism is offered through the addition of some real recorded instruments.

Tropical Dance Party

Dance electronic stock music with tropical rhythmic and lead synths. The mood is happy, good time and It has the sounds of summer and vibes of beach party-time. Background music for media projects, perfect for promotional videos, sports projects, fashion, videohive projects beauty blogs, festivals, ...

Garage Grunge

The return of good old grunge with modern sound. Powerful, positive, poppin. This is a mixture of grunge and garage music. Suitable for advertising and sporting events.
Yann Keerim
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