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End Of The Human Race

Track created to underscore documentaries on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology, but also Sci Fi shorts, movies, videogames, podcast, commercials. The robots have taken over, in this track with a dystopian atmosphere we hear mysterious electronic sounds (the language of machines), a slow an...

Uplifting Lifestyle Vlog Pop

Upbeat and fun pop background music with catchy guitars and modern synths. Words that describe this track are - happy, joyful, positive, active, energizing, fun, inspiring, motivational, youthful, carefree.

Don't Stop Me Now

Sounds of electro guitars, bass, drums, synth give an unforgettable light atmosphere


Track created to underscore documentaries on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology, but also Sci Fi shorts, movies, videogames, podcast, commercials. Atmospheric, mysterious, disturbing, dystopian piece; a repetitive music box, electronic sounds and female choir to illustrate the fusion betwee...

Happy Uplifting Rock

Happy Uplifting Rock - A vibrant and spirited anthem in the indie rock genre, "Happy Uplifting Rock" exudes positivity, energy, and rhythm. Fueled by live electric rock guitars, a dynamic bass guitar, and lively drums, this track is a powerhouse of sound. Perfectly suited for a range of commercial a...

Joyful Merry Christmas

Introducing "Joyful Merry Christmas" – the perfect soundtrack to elevate your holiday spirit! This enchanting royalty-free Christmas song, adorned with cheerful jingles and a magical orchestral arrangement, captures the essence of the season. Whether you're creating a heartwarming family video, a ...

Just Like You

A mid-tempo pop-rock ballad with an organ, bass, drums and male vocals and harmonies, about the envy this character feels towards the love her best friend seems to have with her partner. In vocal and instrumental versions.


A Dystopian style soundscape with glitching audio and altered vocals that builds into a noisy guitar piece.

The top of the Wave (Electronic, trap, dark, ispiring, philosophy, automotive)

Intriguing beat trap, perfect for describing a technological product or for an exciting and interesting narration or a philosophy of life.

Six Feet Under

Dark background music for all kind of themes like crime, thriller, mystery and horror.

Running Faster (action, energetic, sport)

Running Faster is a groovy and powerful track with catchy guitar riffs, bass and stylish drums. It is an excellent choice for motivational extreme sports videos or youth content, TV advertisements, commercials and visuals, action movies and YouTube videos. Available in Full, Short, 60 sec, 30 sec, 1...

Stranger Danger

A dark and heavy electropunk track with fast gritty male vocals, driving distorted guitars and bass, and electronic drums and synths. Big, edgy, and angst driven about urban hostility and dangers

Echoes of the Apocalypse | Cinematic Epic Dark Powerful Trailer Strings Choir

There are not many music tracks that grab attention from the beginning and last for the end. However, this track is specifically created to satisfy your audience in that manner and give them goosebumps while building up to a powerful ending note. Potential use cases; epic movie trailer, film and...

Limitless Imagination (3 versions)

An inspiring and contemplative piece using piano, strings, choir, and celesta for a feeling that evokes images of beautiful environments like starry skies and mountaintops. Ideal for inspiring projects like artworks, community stories of hope, and ideal for contemplative scenes in films and media. ...
Yann Keerim
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