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Medical Advances

Contemporary, unobtrusive, cue designed to support visuals involving healthcare technology. Gentle guitar harmonics and soft piano chords, with soothing synthetic sweeps give a sense of understated confidence and simplicity – important attributes for promoting heath products, advanced technology, ...


Soft and positive string orchestra background music suitable for corporate videos and business presentation as well as traveling visuals, TV commercial and promo pack etc.

Soft Sky

Highly inspirational, positive, light and motivational hip hop background! Perfect for sports, travel, gaming, kids education, self-improvement, make up and tech tutorial vlogs and videos

Intriguing Acoustic Guitar Tension

A suspenseful organic track, featuring hypnotic acoustic guitar patterns, ethereal harmonics and percussive knocking on the guitar's body. Styled for background and underscore in light suspense scenes. Documentary, feature film, ad, commercial, corporate, youtube. Human interest, tough choice, hard ...


Corporate, inspirational track. Perfect for Advertising, Slideshows, inspiring, motivating, promotional, presentation videos and more.

Minimal Ambient Corporate Background

Motivational, fresh and clean trendy corporate track is perfect for your presentations, videos, exhibitions, slide show, promotional video, advertising, info-graphics and more… Both Wav and Mp3 versions a Included in the Archive Light, background, bright, positive and inspiring music with muted g...

Upbeat and Inspiring Ambient Corporate

This is trendy corporate track perfect for your presentations, exhibitions, slide-show, promotional video, advertising, info-graphic and more… Mood: Light, background, bright, positive and inspiring music with muted guitars and piano.

Background Motivate

Background Motivate Background Motivate – This motivational corporate track is perfect for your presentations, videos, exhibitions, slide show, promotional video, advertising, info graphic and more… Light, background, bright, positive and inspiring music with electric guitar, muted guitars an...

Ambient Corporate Minimal Background

Ambient Corporate Minimal Background This trendy minimal corporate track is perfect for your presentations, videos, exhibitions, slide show, promotional video, advertising, info-graphic and more… Light, background, bright, motivational and inspiring music with muted guitars and piano.

Technology Corporate

Uplifting background music for any visual project like promotions, intros and openers, inspiring videos, tv advertising, youtube videos, explainer videos, tutorials, corporate videos, slideshows, technologic videos and many more!

Joy to the World

A beautiful and gently played nylon guitar arrangement of the public domain Christmas carol, "Joy to the World" with added harmonics and soft pad. Perfect for the more dramatic, and quieter moments of Christmas videos and presentations.

Lofi Hiphop Ditty Quatro

Chill lofi hiphop track with motown R&B vibes. trumpet as lead with groovy bass, piano, strings and guitar harmonics. Relaxed nostalgic atmosphere like listening to vinyl. great for studying, meditation, and background music

Uplifting Inspiring Corporate Background

Uplifting Inspiring Corporate Background is an inspirational uplifting motivational music with soft synth, piano, guitar, smooth bass and straight beat. Perfect for YouTube, advertising, fashion videos, travel blogs, timelapse, vlogs, stylish presentations and more!

Sweet Tennessee Country Pop

Corporate and motivational, Lovely and Inspiring music track featuring Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitars, Pop drums, electric bass, Tambourine, Percussion, Fiddle, Harmonics and nice catchy tune. In the style of corporate motivational Country music, uplifting/childish. Special for animals, nature an...

Corporate For Tomorrow - Loop Version

An inspirational and uplifting royalty free background soundtrack. Perfect for advertisements, crowdfunding campaigns, viral marketing, advertising, commercials, promos, openers, Film and TV, Youtube and more. Also suitable for any corporate, commercial or uplifting projects. Thanks for listening...

Days Full Of Sunshine - Inspirational Light Rock

Motivational, light, inspirational and highly powerful corporate audio background with a tremendously easy listening atmosphere! Perfect for corporate explainers and tutorials, movie trailers, travel vlogs, tech tutorials, gaming intros, sport documentaries, wedding videos, photography vlogs and ...

Days Of Sunshine - Playful Corporate Inspiration

Easy-going, inspirational, motivational, corporate audio background! Perfect for advertising, kids, fashion, bank, tech, sports and wedding videos!

Universal Groove Station - Groovy Funky Feel Good

Ultra Cool, Groovey, FUnky And Melodic house/pop/dance track with upbeat feel good fashion sound. Bouncey and groovey drums, warm bass line, playful percussion, quirky and hypnotic guitars and some lovely rhodes piano chords! Perfect for all sorts of projects, like: - fashion tv, promos and ...

Funk Candy - Playful Urban Latin Percussive Pop

Highly inspirational, positive, light, upbeat and motivational pop urban audio with sizzling latin flavour!
Yann Keerim
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