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The Leap

"The Leap" is a motivational and inspirational orchestral masterpiece that soars with optimism and purpose. Its uplifting melodies and powerful orchestration evoke a sense of triumph and determination, making it an ideal choice for moments that demand a soundtrack of hope and aspiration.

Aspiration 3

There are people who are ready to give their best for the sake of victory. They are ready to exhaust themselves with training from morning to night. The spirit of striving is in their blood. They want to be winners. And many do it. This composition is dedicated to them. Honored winners. If you are e...

Uplifting Dance

Uplifting Dance Modern dance electronic track with beautiful piano chords progression – perfect for your media project, life style, sports, documentary, presentation, exhibitions, Vlogs, private video, corporate video, advertising, TV, radio and more..

Ambient Corporate Minimal Background

Ambient Corporate Minimal Background This trendy minimal corporate track is perfect for your presentations, videos, exhibitions, slide show, promotional video, advertising, info-graphic and more… Light, background, bright, motivational and inspiring music with muted guitars and piano.

Building Corporate Motivation

A determined, motivational corporate track, featuring modern piano, muted guitars, energetic string patterns and a slick drum beat. Starting with bright piano chords and a four to the floor kick drum, building to an inspiring, driving final section. For positive stories that inspire and motivate: po...

Building Confidence

An optimistic, confident track, featuring warm electric piano, bright strings, bouncy percussion and mildly distorted electric guitar. Starting with a catchy rhodes motif, multiple levels of build, held down by an infectious mid-tempo beat, leading to a fuller final section. For stories that inspire...

Pop/indie track

This pop/indie track slowly progresses into a energetic finale, with an optimistic feel throughout. Inspired by contemporary pop bands. Emotive and insightful.

Emotional, uplifting, spiritual and inspirational track

Emotional, uplifting, spiritual and inspirational track featuring piano, french horn, electric guitar and warm synthesizer. Hope, aspirations, visions. This tack is perfect for trailers, intros, advertisements, animations, tv shows and more.

Remember your birthday

Remember your birthday is an instrumental composition that came up to marry two miscellaneous timbres, the brass instruments and the kanun, in the limits of a big band. The aspiration of this track is humorous because it is hard for me to remember the birthday of my own people.

Quantum Leap

A modern, motivational and stylish corporate music track. It features muted electric guitars, drum beat, piano, synths and strings. Perfect for presentations, slideshows, montages, marketing campaigns, medical commercials, hi-tech advertising, explainer videos, start up projects, promos and tutorial...

Real Estate (Modern Futuristic Corporate)

A stylish, energetic and cool electronic pop music track that aims for the future with its motivation for success. It features pulsing electric guitar, synths, drums, and vocal effects. Perfect for advertising, commercials, marketing, fashion shows, runway videos, design projects, futuristic movie s...

Waters of Inspiration (Inspiring Ambient Corporate Upbeat Uplifting)

An elevating alternative rock track that motivates and inspires. It features echoey, reverberating electric guitar, a catchy riff, optimistic synths, confident cinematic drums and rippling, wavy background effects. Perfect for advertising, commercial, background, business videos, corporate presentat...


An upbeat track created to make your corporate project effective and impactful. Uplifting synths provide a sense of hope and motivation for successful creative endeavours and ventures, while piano chords, drums and a muted electric guitar bring confidence and determination, inspiring you to see ever...

Midnight In The City

"Midnight in the City" is a calm and modern pop track with elements of trance and downtempo. Pleasant, soft synth sounds create a warm atmosphere of peace and good mood. A tight and pulsating bass with drums added certain rhythm. If you are looking for a good and modern track for your Projects, you ...

Rise of Legends

"Rise of Legends" is a powerful epic orchestral track with a growing atmosphere and culmination. The compositions used only classical instruments: piano, violin, flute, brass, horns, strings, choir and orchestral percussion.
Yann Keerim
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