Corporate Strategy by Victor Penkovsky

Track Description

Corporate Strategy is a motivational music track for a forward-looking project. It creates an atmosphere of purposeful inspiration that moves you towards success, unlimited opportunities and possibilities. It features a gentle, elegant piano melody, as well as ambient, muted electric guitars, drums and percussion. This uplifting, bright, and organic arrangement is composed to help you tell a story of perseverance and achievement. Perfect for corporate projects, marketing, commercials, advertising, medical ads, insurance company ad, educational videos, explainers, videos about business, entrepreneurship, real estate, coaching, technology, hi-tech, innovation, website design, coding and software. Also suitable for tutorials, presentations, infographics, slideshows and more! Included versions: 1. Corporate Strategy – Main Version 2. Corporate Strategy – 60 sec. Version 3. Corporate Strategy – 30 sec. Version 4. Corporate Strategy – 15 sec. Version 5. Corporate Strategy – Sting


You may use our tracks in YouTube monetization videos, Facebook Ads, Apps, Films, Documentaries, DVD's, Corporate presentations and websites. Check our music licenses for the analytical description of terms and commercial music usage.

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