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Pick from an assembly of Royalty Free Rock N’ Roll tracks from any era like 80’s inspired classic rock with powerful riffs to modern upbeat hard rock and anything in between.

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Modern Aggressive Rock

Composer: Jake Schneider
'Modern Aggressive Rock' is a powerful, beefy, Hard Rock track with a meaty guitar riffs, driving bass and massive Rock drums. Excellent for advertising, action scenes/videos, cars, trucks, desert, fight scenes, racing, sport videos, GoPro videos, extreme sports/stunts, motivational athlete videos,...


Composer: Muza
Drive Nu metal track with overdriven riffs in an aggressive and powerful style. This music is perfect for action, race, fight scenes and more.

High School Logo

Composer: Muza
Logo in the spirit of teen comedies. Joy, enthusiasm, driving guitars, a positive, major chords and pumping rhythm. Wonderful choice for advertising youth clothing, beverages, as well as for of extreme sports. Logo done by full track “High School”

Teen Summer

Composer: Muza Production
Pop-punk teenagers band tune with grunge sound of beer party. Excellent music for promotion video on the web, presentation and advertising projects. Have fun, girls and boys! This track has an alternative ending for better editing. 1. Teen Summer Main Track : 02:21 2. Teen Summer Alternative endi...

Rock the party

Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
Rock the party is an energetic fun rock background music track with massive drums and uplifting guitar riffs and accordion.

Adrenaline Rush

Composer: MusicTrend
This is dynamic and driving funky rock music with energetic and excited mood. This groovy and powerful royalty free music will be perfect for any advertising and commercials, sport and success achievements videos, motivational and inspirational videos, TV shows and Radio podcasts, workout videos, ur...

Synth Pop Rock

Composer: WinnieTheMoog
A powerful rush of energy that crushes on you with the the deep bass and the distinct beat. This track is ideal for sport events, car and bicycle races and other activities.

Jungle roll

Composer: WinnieTheMoog
Bright and positive rock-n-roll. A true classic of the genre. This music will create a very positive and good mood. Real drums, a rhythm guitar, a piano and of course a great guitar solo.

Indie Chill Vibes

Composer: Jake Schneider
'Indie Chill Vibes' does exactly what it says on the tin. A soft, indie rock background track with a calm atmosphere. Featuring; clean electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar and drums. Perfect for commercials, corporate videos, holiday videos, TV, films, radio, podcasts, video games, YouTube/In...

You Cant Find Me

Composer: Depard
This is powerful, energetic, driving, extreme and loud punk rock track. A lot of guitar riffs variations. Sound is very tough and extreme. Teenage rock, california punk pop, you name it. This song has pumping beats and heavy distortion guitar sounds, which will definitely bring you to another level ...

Extreme Action Soundtrack

Composer: Depard
This is energetic and rough rock track driven by heavy distortion guitars. Main instruments: -Distorted lead guitar -Rhythm guitar -Bass guitar -Drums -Synth sounds This soundtrack is perfect for videos related with extreme sports, racing, active life, fight scenes and another projects that n...

Epic Hardcore Opener

Composer: Depard
This is energetic and rough rock opener driven by heavy distortion guitars. May be perfect as a opener for fit fight scenes, high speed driving, sport advertising and more. Background music for action videos – extreme sports, racing, fighting, gaming. Files included: Depard – Epic Hardcore Ope...


Composer: Depard
This is energetic, bright, catchy experimental alternative rock track. The track has the typical retro games soundtracks character but with a modern touch. It is suitable for classic video games, but also for other projects where you need that vintage game feeling. Track will be perfect for differen...


Composer: MuzaProduction
Super fun young rock music from California seashore. Happy pop rock music for summer fun traveling. Positive mood and smiles in dancing guitar sound.

Uplifting Ambient Rock

Composer: Wolfgang Woehrle
Uplifting indie pop rock track with piano, electric guitars, bass and drums. The build up of the music will evoke feelings of success and achievement. Perfect background for commercials, corporate videos, presentations, advertising, promotions, TV more.

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