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Smokers 03

a medium tempo rock underscore with spacious guitar chords, electric bass and a drum groove on toms.

Rock Ballad

A classic rock ballad with spacious ambient guitars,distorted lead guitar, acoustic piano and drums.

Heavy Energetic Rock

Powerful and aggressive background hot track in heavy rock style with huge guitar riffs. Perfect for extreme sport video, action movies, trailers, games, backgrounds, films, youtube channel, web, tv advertisements, commercials, visual and many other media projects. Thanks for listening and purchas...

Morning Breeze

a melodic soft southern rock theme with a dramatic chorus. Electric guitars and electric piano, soft synth pads in the background.

Memory Lane

Nostalgic alternative pop theme with ambient delayed guitars and acoustic piano melody. soft synth pads in the background.

Muted Rock

An alternative soft rock theme with strumming muted guitars and couch electric guitars. Electric piano melody.

In Between

a medium tempo soft rock theme with crunch guitars and dreamy fender rhodes piano.

I love that smile

An uptempo soft rock pop theme with catchy guitars and melodic synths

Green Peppers (loop)

a clean rock underscore inspired by the works of the red hot chilli peppers

Great Inspiration

This is great inspiring music with glorious and motivational mood. Main instruments are electric and acoustic guitars, piano, strings, electric bass and drums. This is light pop rock music with catchy groove and beautiful atmosphere. This music can perfectly fit for any kind of Media, Video, YouTube...

Der Heinz

A slow tempo alternative rock ballad with acoustic and electric guitars, Hammond organ and bass.

Power Rock Anthem (60 sec)

Edgy, powerful Rock track with driving beat and punchy electric guitars. Builds into uplifting chorus section, conveying a feeling of success and achievement.

Close but no Cigar

A melodic alternative rock instrumental with acoustic and electric guitars and melodic piano.

Indie Punk

A loud, raw and energetic modern indie rock track. Perfect for agressive or positive ptojects: advertising, commercials and promotional videos.


Powerful rock ballad, with energetic, bold, unforgettable guitar parts. Different sections of the track provide variety in terms of mood and energy level. Perfect for productions related to sports, action, motivation, competition, determination. Short edits and loops also available.

Spaghetti Surf

Instrumental rock track reminiscent of Rocakbilly retro sounds and guitars. Think of Tarantino movies and atmospheres. Ideal for productions where a sense of suspense, caution, mystery, tension, anticipation and revenge are needed.

Cards on the Table (Loop)

Classic rock theme with electric guitars, fender rhodes piano and harmonica.


Anthemic, atmospheric rock track, with a nice build up that creates anticipation and leads to a more powerful middle section, with an inspiring guitar solo. Each section of the song provides a slightly different atmosphere. Ideal background track for any production in which a sense of drama, passion...

Yann Keerim
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