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Gritty Country Rock

A high energy fueled heavy country rock instrumental track with powerful chicken picking and slide electric guitars, drums and bass. Great fit for western, cowboys, bikers, hard working man, sport, car, lifestyle themes and commercials. Conveys attitude, excitment and freedom.

Driving The Heavy Energy

A heavy rock track with a massive hook. Ideal for extreme sports videos, driving scenes, vlogs, tv projects, films and more. The full version contains a structure complete with an intro, verse, prechorus, chorus, bridge and outro. An alternative full length version without lead guitar is included. ...

Powerful Slow Rock

Stylish and strong rock track. Perfect for sports and extreme, cars, action video, trailer and any other energetic projects.

Rock That Power Riff

This is a powerful rock track combining strong riffs with elements of a big anthemic band. This is a type of sound that is getting well known in the rock music scene. The full version of the track starts with a twangy electric guitar riff, after four bars a shaker is introduced pulling your into a ...

Energetic Uplifting Powerful Pop

Energetic Uplifting Powerful Pop is an energetic, inspirational, uplifting alternative pop-rock tune featuring instruments like electric guitars, synths, drums and electric bass, and sound effects designed for sports scenes, vlogs, product promos, motivational corporate promos, tv and radio advertis...

Alternative Pop Rock

This is an energetic, positive, inspirational, uplifting alternative pop rock tune featuring instruments like acoustic and electric guitars, piano, drums and electric bass, pads, synths and sound effects.

Rock Grunge

Power grunge rock beat composition with guitars, bass and drums. Perfect for adverisement, corporate video, media projects etc.

Rock Upbeat

Upbeat and energetic rock track with punk rock dirty mood! Ideal for sports videos, travel, advertising, positive video, podcasts, commercial video, extreme, fashion, radio, holidays, background and other dynamic projects!

California Rock

Positive rock track. Mood is: uplifting, upbeat, energy, rock, punk, garage, cool, party, summer, beach, sunny. Suitable for advertising, commercials, slide shows, any youth projects.


If you are looking pop punk song, so this track is exactly what you need. This track has powerful, drive, upbeat, energetic sound, that is suitable for the sport & extreme video clips.

Rock Riff

Rock Riff is a driving rock guitar riff track that’s great for sports, action, college, party, fun, upbeat, or any high energy scenes.

Slow Rock

This is modern rock music full of energy and power. Great for sport videos, commercials, movie soundtrack, fashion projects, openers and many more!

Garage Rock

Garage Rock – this is a indie action upbeat sport rock This is rock & roll music perfect for dance, action videos, sports compilations Dirty Overdrive and fuzz guitars, drums, claps, bass, fast tempo allow you to fully appreciate the power and drive of indie and rock sport music. Very well suitabl...

Energetic Sport Rock

This track is fun, energetic and upbeat with catchy guitar riff. Best for movie trailers, background music, celebration and party videos, commercials, vacation videos, sports videos, extreme sport videos, media presentations, youtube videos, travel videos, advertising and many more!

Yann Keerim
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