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Anime Rock Intro

BMP: 160 Joyful Anime Rock piece - Great for anime ,sports, advertising, commercials and fast scenes that needs energetic feel. MOOD: upbeat and uplifting, successful energetic music, exciting and inspiring, optimistic and strong. FEATURES: rock guitars, happy energetic vibe. GENRE: Rock. S...

General Battle

This is an aggressive, distortion guitar, hybrid traler music. This tune will be fine for media projects with themes of an action movie, trailer or advertising video, extreme sports footage, a powerful and massive video.


Modern heavy Metal with chuging guitars, FX’s and punching drums. Perfect for trailers, different titles, soundtracks, motivational, extreme and sport videos, games, movies, YouTube, commercials.

Perfect Day

Rhythmic indie rock composition. The catchy riff and melodic chorus make this melody unique. Suitable for advertising glamorous fashions, perfumes, clothes, phones, etc. Easily edited for any video segment. There are two versions in the archive: Perfect Day Short Version – 0:34 sec Perfect Day –...

New Punk

A perky, positive pop-punk track. Made in the best traditions of Blink 182, Avril Lavigne, Sum 41 and other prominent representatives of this genre. As well as the style in the track Bright, slightly dirty guitars. The drums line is played as if Travis Barker himself was sitting at the drums. Intere...

Kick Em All

This is so much agressive hardcore track. There are agressive riff, blactbeats, and crazy punching drums! Perfect for videos, games, wrestling and other extreme.

Rock Intro

BMP: 150 Stylish Energy Rock Trailer Intro Action Sport Rock Hard Energetic Background Music Intro Opening Energetic, sport rock music for commercial projects. Perfect for: sports video, game trailer, youtube videos, advertisement, slideshow, vlog and any project that need dynamic mood and ene...

Invisible Force

Powerful, energetic and very heavy metal and alternative rock track. Has only “classic” metal band instruments – distorted guitars, electric bass and drums. This music is perfect choose for extreme, action, sports videos and other projects where heavy music is needed.

Yann Keerim
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