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Wings Of Destiny

Dramatic, exciting, inspiring and epic composition for movies and games, trailers, teasers, advertising and other projects! Instruments in track: drums, basses, cellos, violins, trumpets, trombones and piano. Enjoyable listening!


Disturbing, powerful, sorrow and energetic metal composition for your video, audio collections and other projects! Enjoyable listening!

Insanity Onslaught

Powerful, industrial and cool metalstep composition for your video, audio collections and other projects! Enjoyable listening!


Gentle piano theme with nostalgic feel and a bit of hope. Small but touching and warm piece of music good for romantic and sentimental moments in your life.

Neo Classical Tension Cue

Realistic suspenseful background track consisting of cello, violin, viola, piano and contrabass.

Worry And Overthinking

Calm and slightly tense background track featuring piano, marimba and strings.

Don't Worry About It

Groovy beat with an acid-funk vibe. Features trumpet lead themes, upright bass, pianos, and an edgy drum groove.

Suspenseful Game Background

Ominous suspenseful background track featuring tense cello arrangements, haunting synthesizers and ticking. Will work very well in games, films or any other media seeking a thrilling musical bed. The track ends in such a way that it sounds invites you to repeat it from the beginning. The following ...

Dark Water Voyage

An ominous, somewhat anxious track featuring pulsating synth pad layers and strings. Ideal as a dark cinematic background.

Edgy Contingency

Hold on to the edge with this contemporary strings, piano, and percussion piece! Featuring tense solo violin and cello, coupled with piercing orchestral strings and raw percussive elements. Useful in suspenseful documentaries and trailers with building tension.

Tense And Dense

Suspenseful atmospheric background track featuring ominous strings, guitar, piano and synthesizer. Will work well in the background of documentaries, commercials or any other media. The instrumentation and production are made so that it blends easily with other elements like narration.

Suspenseful Thoughts

Suspenseful background track featuring celeste, piano and strings. The track is driven forward by tense rhythmic elements and will work well supporting a variety of media seeking ominous, worrying sounding musical support.

Passionate Background

Gentle background track surrounding a violin theme. Accompanied by marimba, piano and some percussive sounds this piece fits well in the background of an infomercial, commercial, documentary or any other media seeking a friendly musical companion.

Entangled Concern

Tension and timely concern are evoked through worrying string harmonies, ticking percussion, and pulsing kick drum and bass. Useful for film scenes where the character feels uncertainty about future events.

Facing Challenges

Suspenseful background track featuring piano, strings and light percussion. Towards the middle a choir is introduced to enhance the tension some before ending with a subtle piano motif.

Abstract Sad Background

Calm and sad background track featuring piano, marimba, celeste and more. This piece has been produced to work supporting narration and other elements within a media production.

An Epic Suspenseful Climax

Suspenseful track featuring cinematic, ticking and orchestral elements slowly building to a big climax.

Suspense And Melancholy

Melancholic and slightly suspenseful background track featuring ticking sounds, piano, bells and strings.

Creepy Crypt

A spooky royalty free scary track, with agressive Electric Guitar, frightening SFX like monsters, screams, a worrying Music Box and Foghorn. Perfect for games, creepy TV shows and any fearful Halloween contents.
Yann Keerim
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