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Romance and Passion

An elegant, romantic and passionate Tango with traditional Tango accordion and expressive solo violin.

Children's Tango

An instrumental tango track with a children/funny mood.

Passion Latin Ident

Intense short Latin theme consisting of piano, contrabass and toms. Perfect to give your production that typical Latin feel.

Modern Tango

"Modern Tango" is a new tango track with a sexy appeal.

Tango Intense (Minimalist Tension Building)

Dramatic, well-crafted cue that delivers a minimalist tension inducing feeling. A rising level of anxiety, discomfort, and suspense weaving layers of instrumentation/elements creating dynamics and momentum.

Tango Nuances

Polished, sensual electro tango with accordion, guitar, piano and drums. A refined and a bit nostalgic atmosphere evoking all the magic of Argentina and the charming elegance of tango music.


An ode to romantic despair. They don’t call Tango “A dance of sorrow” for nothing! This track sounds frustratedly sad and ridiculously humorous. Fits in a break-up scene or satirical comedy. Old accordions, strings and a sad piano. Sounds like The Tango Saloon -Transylvania by Julian Curwin ...

Tango Rosario

A traditional tango with acoustic piano ,accordeon and acoustic bass

Uplifting Tango

Uplifting tango dynamic track featuring piano, harmonica, double bass and drums. Great for your media production.

Nostalgic Tango

A seductive tango featuring classic acoustic instruments of the Latin tradition. Sensual and romantic, but with a touch of nostalgia added by melodic parts played by accordion and violin, this track will give a sense of elegance and passion to any production. Three different 60 second edits also ava...

Can You Feel It

Groovy song with acoustic guitars and a intense rhythm. Down-home and tight track. Versatile background music for many applications.

Tango Passion

Exotic and cinematic Tango with violin, piano, accordion and upright bass. Perfect for films, commercials and documentaries with scenes of dancing, international travel, fashion, passion, sexual tension, elegance and romance.


"Balcani" is a beautiful tango track. Exotic, sexy, and simply riveting, this song can be used in so many different context. Use in transition, restaurant scenes, romantic settings, and anything needing a classy feel. The authenticity of this track really lands. Acoustic Guitars, Trombone, Mandolin ...

Our Own Tango

A romantic piece for a chamber orchestra. Slightly resembles tango and Astor Piazzolla, but has an alternative touch to it. The piece starts dissonant and falls in a lighthearted theme, it develops to a dance like movement in the strings. The ending is bittersweet. This piece would fit very well in ...

251 Yours AC2 Oct 7 441

A nice, soft and sensual track featuring bandoneon, double bass, acoustic piano, strings, electric guitar and electronic beat. Taking the soft and sensual mood of tango, this track gets the mood in a Bajofondo's style.

Let's Tango

Original tango style track which combines creatively the eastern harmonies with the western music genres. Strong, dynamic, passionate and groovy. It has real accordion recording, an effective drum beat, bass and strings by the grand finale. It can be used in any tango dancing scene.
Yann Keerim
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