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Martijn focuses  on writing music for visuals  and established himself as a composer for all kinds of multimedia, like documentaries, television commercials and motion pictures.

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Techno Tune_loop

Uptempo retro techno theme with syncopated organ,filtered synths and 909 beat.

Summer Grooves (loop)

A soft uptempo summer theme with syncopated acoustic guitars, fender rhodes piano and light percussion

Tension Game

A moody suspense theme with a pulsating base and arpeggiated guitar and synth textures.

Percussive Drones 07

A slow moody drone with dark textures and pulsating textures.

Percussive Drones 06

A neutral pulsating drone with electronic textures and soft beat.

Smooth Cues (loop)

A spacious underscore wth arpeggiated guitars and acoustic piano.

Rhodes 01 (loop)

a laid back jazzy underscore with fender rhodes, bass and a slick groove

Pop rock Guitar

A medium tempo corporate theme with a funky 'Knight Rider' guitar.

See you there (loop)

An upbeat funky mellow dance theme with funky guitar, fender rhodes piano,syncopated synth bass and synths.

Summer Delight (loop)

An upbeat melodic theme with a relaxed vibe. Fender rhodes piano, and guitar.

Ripples in Time

A pensive cinematic theme with ambient piano and soft synth textures in the background.

Positive Backdrops 01

a joyful melodic corporate theme with arpeggiated guitars, acoustic piano and airy synth pads.

Space Tune

An ambient spacious theme with evolving textures and electric bass.

Stay Sync

A late night show introduction theme with fender rhodes piano, funky bass and brass riffs.

Smokers 03

a medium tempo rock underscore with spacious guitar chords, electric bass and a drum groove on toms.

Slow Groove (loop)

A groovy underscore with acoustic piano, soft synth pads and syncopated drums.

Rock Ballad

A classic rock ballad with spacious ambient guitars,distorted lead guitar, acoustic piano and drums.

Percussive Drones 03

An evolving drone with a pulsating bass and a scifi atmosphere.

Retro Sun (loop)

a happy uptempo electronic groove with fender rhodes, synth bass and electronic drums
Yann Keerim
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