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Martijn focuses  on writing music for visuals  and established himself as a composer for all kinds of multimedia, like documentaries, television commercials and motion pictures.

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Elektrodes 08

Composer: MDM MUSIC
Evolving EDM track starting with retro 8-bit synths and evolving with stutter and delays FX

Elektrodes 09

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A mellow cub tune with gated synths, repeating synth riffs and reversed snares

Elektrodes 10

Composer: MDM MUSIC
An energetic EDM track with arpeggiated synths and a rise in the middel section

Creative Corporates 10

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A corporate theme full of drive with spacious piano accents, strumming acoustic guitars, a steady groove and soft synth pads in the background.

Creative Corporates 09

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A slow tempo anticipation building corporate theme with acoustic piano, synth bests and arpeggiated synth textures in the background.

Creative Corporates 08

Composer: MDM MUSIC
An uptempo corporate theme with arpeggiated guitars and slight distorted lead guitars. Soft synth pads in the background and a slower middle section before the theme builds up again.

Creative Corporates 07

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A smooth funky groove with fender rhodes piano,arpeggiated textures and and energetic acoustic drum groove.

Creative Corporates 05

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A soft rock corporate theme with strumming electric guitars, and a funky bass groove, the middle section lowers the groove for a more ambient atmosphere.

Creative Corporates 04

Composer: MDM MUSIC
An easy listening upbeat corporate theme with ambient guitars,arpeggiated textures, fender rhodes piano and a laid back groove

Creative Corporates 03

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A mellow corporate theme with dreamy textures, pulsating synths and fender rhodes piano.

Creative Corporates 02

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A mellow medium tempo corporate theme with acoustic piano, electric guitars and synth pads in the background

Creative Corporates 06

Composer: MDM MUSIC
a medium tempo easy listening corporate theme with acoustic piano,arpeggiated synth patterns and a funky groove.

Crawling in the dark

Composer: MDM MUSIC
Short suspenseful underscore with ambient piano and dark drones

Creature in the Dark

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A short brooding horror theme with orchestral string effects and dark ambient drones

Crossing 3rd Street (loop)

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A mellow funky smooth jazz theme with funk guitar, trumpet,fender rhodes piano and syncopated beats


Composer: MDM MUSIC
A soft joyful easy listening underscore with arpeggiated synths an acoustic guitar.

Cracking the Code

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A brooding suspenseful underscore with pulsating synths and dark textures

Corporate Succes

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A medium tempo upbeat corporate theme with a retro 80's vibe

Crunchy Funk (loop)

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A retro funky underscore with fender rhodes piano and funky guitars combined with retro lead synth

Density Scape

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A pensive ambient underscore with spacious dobro guitar accents

Der Heinz

Composer: MDM MUSIC
A slow tempo alternative rock ballad with acoustic and electric guitars, Hammond organ and bass.
Yann Keerim
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