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Martijn focuses  on writing music for visuals  and established himself as a composer for all kinds of multimedia, like documentaries, television commercials and motion pictures.

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A relaxed corporate underscore with arpeggiated textures, electric piano and fretless bass.

Close but no Cigar

A melodic alternative rock instrumental with acoustic and electric guitars and melodic piano.

Conversation with George

A dreamy ambient underscore slowly evolving in an upbeat melodic theme with acoustic piano and soft delayed banjo in the background.

Cloud Bursting

A dreamy underscore with pulsating and arpeggiated synth textures.

Clear Vision

A medium tempo soft rock song with a country feel. Acoustic piano and electric and acoustic guitars.

Constellations Sparkle

A dreamy ambient theme with slow moving textures and a melodic fretless bass.

Corporate Business 2

A medium tempo soft rock theme with a corporate vibe. Light distorted guitars and gates synths with a steady groove.

Cash or Credit (Loop)

A slow funky soft rock underscore with ambient and rhythmic guitars on a syncopated drum groove.

Childs Play

A sweet tune for little children with a flute melody and acoustic guitar.

Carribean 01

A laid back reggae type underscore with syncopated guitars, and pan vibe melody.

Children of Knights

A gentle joyful classical theme with acoustic piano and orchestral instruments. Very suitable for children orientated videos or games.

Cards on the Table (Loop)

Classic rock theme with electric guitars, fender rhodes piano and harmonica.

Cadillac Candy (Loop)

Classic funky underscore with clavinet,fender rhodes and saxophone

Busy Junction (Loop)

A funky smooth jazz theme with electric guitar, fender rhodes piano and a slick groove.

Business Man 01

An energetic funky corporate theme with a steady pulse, acoustic and electric piano and arpeggiated synths.

Business Traffic (Loop)

a medium tempo energetic electronic corporate theme with delayed synths and breakbeat drums

Bubble Gum

Laid back soft rock theme with acoustic piano and acoustic guitar

Brush Train (Loop)

Upbeat funny cowboy theme with Honky Tonk Piano, mouth harp, violin and acoustic bass

Brooding Menace

A dark cinematic underscore with eerie textures, orchestral strings, female vocalizing.

Bringing Back L

a cinematic ambient theme with a religious atmosphere building up to a sparkling climax.
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