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Martijn focuses  on writing music for visuals  and established himself as a composer for all kinds of multimedia, like documentaries, television commercials and motion pictures.

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Parking Ticket (loop)

Funky syncopated underscore with fender rhodes, funk guitar , wah clavinet and male rap and female background vocals.

Motown 01

a retro underscore with a strong Motown vibe, Wurlitzer piano, organ,brass riffs and vintage drums.

Kids 05

An uptempo friendly kids theme with acoustic guitar, flute and sparkling synths.

Memory Lane

Nostalgic alternative pop theme with ambient delayed guitars and acoustic piano melody. soft synth pads in the background.


A dreamy melodic ambient theme with ethnic flute melody, arpeggiated textures and soft strings.

Pick up the Phone (loop)

Mellow retro funk with melodic acoustic piano, delayed saxophone and muted trumpet,disco bass and funk guitar.

Percussive Drones 05

Slow pulsating drone with evolving gated textures. Neutral atmosphere with a soft beat

Parlez Party (loop)

retro funk with wah guitar, fender rhodes,clavinet and flute riff.

Kids Corner 04

A funny syncopated kids theme with fender rhodes piano , flute synths, melodic percussion and vocal accents

Kids Corner 03

a medium tempo joyful acoustic theme with arpeggiated guitars, acoustic guitar and soft synth bells.

Kids Corner 02

A gentle adventure tune for kids with melodic percussion and orchestral strings, woodwinds melody.

Muted Rock

An alternative soft rock theme with strumming muted guitars and couch electric guitars. Electric piano melody.

Kids Corner 01

A joyful theme for kids with acoustic piano and melodic percussion.

Kathys Theme

an evolving romantic theme with orchestral strings and acoustic piano.


a romantic orchestral theme with acoustic piano and orchestra.

In Between

a medium tempo soft rock theme with crunch guitars and dreamy fender rhodes piano.

Ibis Flax

An uptempo joyful melodic mellow dance tune with gated and arpeggiated synths. Melody doubled with saxophone

I love that smile

An uptempo soft rock pop theme with catchy guitars and melodic synths

Hope and Restoration

A sad cinematic theme with orchestral strings and oboe melody
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