Beatles Style Royalty Free Music

An entire collection of handpicked Royalty Free 60’s sounding Beatles like music for videos and presentations. Even John Lennon and Paul Mccartney would be inspired with these instrumental tunes.

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Sixties Beach Party

Composer: Jake Schneider
'Sixties Beach Party' is an upbeat, fun and quirky Beat track with retro organ, brass, electric guitar, bass guitar, hand claps, drums and a 1960's surf rock vibe. Ideal for commercials, advertising, short TV/ film scenes, or any media project that need sunny surf rock background music.

Full Day Of Sun

Composer: Francesco Biondi
Pop rock instrumental track, with happy, joyful mood and some influences of 60's rock'n'roll music. With its articulate structure the music has different dynamic shifts always resolving into positive riffs. Piano, guitars, strings, brass section, drums and bass guitar.

MJ Classic Rock 01 (loop)

Composer: MDM MUSIC
Alternative rock theme with vintage guitar sounds and acoustic piano.

MJ Classic Rock 01 (loop)

Composer: MDM MUSIC
an alternative rock theme with chorused piano, vintage electric guitar and catchy riffs.

Back in those days

Composer: MDM MUSIC
a throwback to the sixties with 'Beatles' sounding instrumentation

You think, so you are (instrumental)

Composer: The Vow
Upbeat, catchy, 60s inspired track with a cheerful, summertime feel. Led by a tuneful electric guitar and pounding drums. Acoustic guitars, piano and Hammond organ combine for a rich, heat-warmingly fresh sound. Instrumental, Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Wintertime (instrumental)

Composer: The Vow
An epic piece led by a gorgeous, mournful, bluesy electric guitar, dramatic drums and haunting Hammond organ. Begins with a romantic whisper, but slowly builds to a spectacularly impassioned guitar solo crescendo. Instrumental, Rock, Melodic Rock

To the end of the world (instrumental)

Composer: The Vow
A mystical journey through life and beyond into the next life. A timeless classic rock piece with an irresistible blend of cranked up Wah Wah electric guitar and soothing acoustic guitars interspersed with heartwarming Hammond organ. Instrumental, Rock, Melodic Rock

Spacedust (instrumental)

Composer: The Vow
After a deceptively slow and gentle start, the track explodes into lively pop rock with multiple electric and acoustic guitar riffs. The 12 string Rickenbacker electric guitar lends a Byrds feel which elevates this tune to classic rock status. Instrumental, Indie Rock, Indie Rock

Someone to talk to (instrumental)

Composer: The Vow
Up tempo 60s style tune with jangly acoustic and electric guitar, pounding toms and a James Bond-esque bass guitar riff. Instrumental, Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Out of my time (instrumental)

Composer: The Vow
The Beach Boys meet The Beatles, Chuck Berry and Link Wray in this summery, up beat, retro sounding ditty led by scintillatingly hot, cranked up electric guitar riffs on a background of pounding drums, driving bass guitar and cool Hammond organ riffs. Instrumental, Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Holy roller (instrumental)

Composer: The Vow
A haunting soft rocker led by wah wah electric guitar and a big swooping church like hammond organ. A deep, melancholic, bitter-sweet piece of classic pop rock, Instrumental, Rock, Melodic Rock

Heaven wont hold me (instrumental)

Composer: The Vow
A haunting, melancholic, tender blues/rock tune with country and folk inflections. Led by a shimmering, bottle neck slide guitar, a melodic bass guitar and heart warming Hammond organ. Ideal for portraying a sense of isolation. Romantic breakup, death bed or funeral scene? Instrumental, Rock, Blues ...

Dont waste my time - instrumental

Composer: The Vow
Summery, feel good, dancy country pop rock track led by jangling 12 string acoustic guitars and accordion.

Coal fire (instrumental)

Composer: The Vow
Exciting, catchy and up beat classic rock with an alternative pop / punk vibe. An energetically rhythmic track led by pounding drums, a highly melodic bass guitar, raunchy electric guitar and cool piano. Instrumental, Rock, Modern Rock

Bluer than you (instrumental)

Composer: The Vow
A high energy, joyous country folk pop rocker dominated by swirling Hammond organ duelling with melodic 12 string guitar. Happy, beaty, big and bouncy. Instrumental, Rock, Modern Rock

Casablancan night (instrumental)

Composer: The Vow
A haunting, moody and melancholic electric guitar and piano led pop rock tune and a darkly sophisticated, though fundamentally simple piece of music. Ideal for indie film, film noir, thriller or horror. Instrumental, Rock, Melodic Rock

Back to Monday (instrumental)

Composer: The Vow
Bouncy, up tempo, danceable Beatles type 3 chord pop song with electric guitar, Hammond organ and great bass guitar licks. Foot tappingly infectious. Instrumental, Rock, Modern Rock

As the crow flies (instrumental)

Composer: The Vow
Mellow blues / folk rock with swirling Hammond organ, electric slide guitar and warming acoustic guitars. In the style of The Beatles, The Wallflowers or even Bob Dylan. A beautifully performed middle of the road track with a natural, organic sound. Instrumental, Blues, Country Blues


Composer: hftracks
"Good Morning! You look so beautiful..." are the words sung by Eddie Grey's raspy voice. Capture the passion of two lovers intertwined or catch a sentimental break in your film. This song is about love with no boundaries. Like it's message, this song blends into R&B and Country as it slowly ends.

Yann Keerim
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