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Old LA Holiday

An instrumental track with a a funny mood and a West Coast retro vibe. Perfect for vlogs.

Shopping Frenzy

Retro flavoured orchestral music magically evokes atmospheres of 1950's and early 1960's commercials and sitcoms. With its hectic pace and swift orchestral rips this piece masterfully embodies all the fatures of what nowadays is known as easy listingening lounge music or muzak. Playful melody perfor...

The Jumping Man

An instrumental Funk track with a very retro vibe and a funny mood.

The Retro Beach

An instrumental Rock and Roll track inspired in the early Surf music. With a very retro vibe and a funny mood.

Upbeat Funky Positive (Seamless Loop)

An inspiring, emotional royalty free music theme with warm acoustic guitars, guitar leads, deep drums and strings, best for nature, cinematic or timelapse projects.

Our Temptative Date

An instrumental retro R&B track with a happy mood and a catchy electric guitar riff. Perfect for vlogs or ads.

Hippies On The Fields

An instrumental Rock track, with groovy electric guitars, inspired by the sound of Woodstock festival and late 60s Rock music; perfect for vblogs, commercials, soundtracks, etc.

Swingin' Sixties Summer

An upbeat, fun and quirky Beat track with retro organ, brass, electric guitar, bass guitar, hand claps, drums and a 1960’s surf rock vibe. Ideal for commercials, advertising, short TV/ film scenes, or any media project that need sunny surf rock background music.

Comedy Lounge

Light comedy latin jazz with warm retro sound. Quirky brass theme, bossa-nova drums, cocktail vibe and playful mood. Perfect for vintage sit-com inspired projects, comedy sketches and 60's culture related videos.
Yann Keerim
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