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Jazzy Stinger

Very short jazzy stinger - great for logo or ID spot

Sparkling Stars

A short orchestral piece with a Disney-like, magical quirky feel. Great for advertising theme or presentation logo.

Pure And Innocent

Short elegant stringer with magical Disney feel. Great for presentations and commercials.

Nicely Does It

Short, catchy stinger with uplifting, positive feel. Great for ID spot and corporate logo.

Life Of The Riches

A short, catchy Disney-style orchestral piece - great for scene ending, logo or corporate ID.

It's Childrens Time

Short stinger with Disney-style orchestral arrangements. Great for presentation logo and commercial.

Hurry Up

Short, fast pace electronic track with solid groove and catchy synths. Great for advertising logo or presentation.

Hip Funk Club

Short, cool Funky track with solid groove and catchy guitar. Great for presentation logo and advertising.

The First Kiss

Very short piece with acoustic guitar and strings. Great for scene change, stinger, ident & logo.

Sounds In The Distance

Short orchestral piece with flute, strings and harp. Great for scene ending, ID spot or logo.

Perhaps Next Time

Short orchestral piece with harp and strings - great for scene ending and logo.

Lovers Embrace

Short emotional orchestral track - great for stinger/scene change/ logo etc.

Iron Step - Loop

Dark, aggressive and very powerful loop in the style of dubstep. I hope you like it.

Heart Strings

Short emotional orchestral piece - great for scene ending or logo.

Choral Occasion

Short, elegant orchestral piece, suitable for stinger, logo or ID spot.

Surviving It All

Epic, triumphant cinematic piece with dramatic orchestral arrangements. Great for logo/stinger/id spot.

Acoustic Fresh Logo

Warm and Inspiring track, with motivational harmonies and melodies. This composition will work great in TV, films, videos and commercials.

Pure Elegance

Short elegant piece with piano and strings that gradually builds - great for stinger/logo/ident.
Yann Keerim
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