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Rasta Movement

The perfect track to deliver that heavy Dub and Reggae atmosphere. Dusty Organs and Chopped Guitars .

A Peaceful Holiday

Gentle and peaceful warm Christmas holiday track featuring orchestral elements. The piece has a welcoming trill in the beginning as well as a friendly calm ending.

80s Teenage Chillwave

Innocent and retro chillwave track with 80s synthwave aesthetics, best for retro videos, advertising and nostalgic related content !

Christmas In The Good Old Times

Upbeat Christmas song with a lively swing jazz beat. Bright lead female vocals, big band orchestra and jingling bells give this music an authentic and charming retro vintage feel. The lyrics invite you to relive the beautiful Holiday traditions of the good old times.

When The Snow Falls At Christmas

Bright and heartening original Christmas song with beautiful female vocals and a cool jazzy swing vibe. The lyrics celebrate the festive atmosphere and good mood of the Holidays. Featuring a smooth jazz combo with a mellow saxophone solo. 1950s flavored sound. Perfect for Christmas-related tv shows,...

The Holly, the Jolly, and the Ivory

Upbeat Solo piano mashup of "The Holly and the Ivy" and "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas." Perfect for holiday celebrations, yuletide feelings, or Christmas videos where a well known carol is needed.

O Christmas Tree

A solo piano and piano and flute version all in one of the famous Christmas carol "O Christmas Tree". A chill, light version perfect for behind Christmas quiet scenes, any seasonal activity, and certainly around the Christmas tree.
Yann Keerim
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