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Soft and melodic Cuban style bolero track with acoustic guitar melody, trombone melody in the bridge. Chill out late into the evening somewhere in the Caribbean in the style of Buena Vista Social Club.Perfect for videos related to Cuba or Latin America, for inspirational advertising, marketing and c...

La Vuelta [Cumbia Clarinet Latin Fun Happy Travel]

La Vuelta is a fun and carefree latin cumbia track featuring clarinet, melodica, latin percussion and bass, creating lighthearted mood. Perfect for travels to south america, tropical and caribbean places, ethnic, food, restaurants, vlogs, cooking, vacation, summer, landscapes, celebration, and more.

Voy Pa Huila [Latin Cumbia South America Travel World Organic]

Voy Pa Huila (Latin Cumbia South America Travel World Organic) - Voy Pa Huila - Easy going accordion, latin percussion, acoustic and electric guitar play together in a bright, breezy Cumbia track. Perfect for latin content, travel, road trips, latin food, cooking and restaurants, documentaries, vl...

To The Playa [Latin Hip Hop Trap Salsa South America]

To The Playa is a fun hip hop track that mixes trap sounds with latin american vibes. Features brass and horns section, piano, electronic drums, latin percussion, female latin vocal shouts and deep 808 bass. Perfect for south america scenes such as travels, sightseeing and tourism, fashion shows, be...

Do the Catwalk

A fun Cuban style track with groovy keyboards, and a strong melody on the vibraphone and piano. With a plethora of grooving latin percussion. Perfect background music for a wide variety of video projects.
Yann Keerim
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