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Inspiring Uplifting Motivational Corporate Pop

Known as "Real Champion" An inspiring and uplifting corporate music with electric guitars, piano, soft synth and drum kick featuring. Good for ads, business promo, sport, success achievement, real estate, inspiring moments, and many more.

Island Sunshine

Get ready to infuse your projects with a burst of tropical joy with 'Island Sunshine'! This upbeat and corporate-friendly track combines the cheerful sounds of Hawaii-style ukuleles, lively guitars, a catchy whistle melody, warm drums, and an overall happy tune. Perfect for corporate videos, adverti...

Positive Uplifting Groove

Dive into the lively rhythm and feel-good vibes of our funky groovy track, featuring uplifting guitar riffs that’ll instantly boost your mood. Tailor-made for podcasts, this positive composition injects energy and joy into your content. Ideal for dynamic presentations, commercials, and projects in...

Cool Pop Funk

Introducing ‘Cool Pop Funk,’ a lively and dynamic music track that seamlessly blends infectious pop and funk elements. With upbeat vibes, catchy melodies, and funky basslines, this composition is perfect for commercials, energetic videos, and dynamic presentations. Elevate your content with the ...

Motivation Energy

Its a happy summer bright pop track with catchy and exciting fresh sound. This upbeat summer music brings together positive chords, energetic electro pop beat, uplifting vocal samples and inspiring guitar.


Gentle piano theme with nostalgic feel and a bit of hope. Small but touching and warm piece of music good for romantic and sentimental moments in your life.

Breathtaking Journey

A bright motivational and exciting music with acoustic guitar and electric guitar featuring. Inspiring folk pop track good for travel videos, vlogs, advertising, uplifting moments, lifestyle videos and more.

Irish Legacy

Bright and proud Irish folk music with traditional instruments: fiddle violin, tin whistle, guitars, accordion and bodhran drum. A festive dance rhythm that celebrates the Celtic heritage, evoking a cheerful Irish pub atmosphere and the scent of freshly brewed beer and shamrocks.

Happy Uplifting Rock

Happy Uplifting Rock - A vibrant and spirited anthem in the indie rock genre, "Happy Uplifting Rock" exudes positivity, energy, and rhythm. Fueled by live electric rock guitars, a dynamic bass guitar, and lively drums, this track is a powerhouse of sound. Perfectly suited for a range of commercial a...
Yann Keerim
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