Gergely Badacsonyi - 32 tracks

I'm a Hungarian composer based in Spain. I produce a wide range of music from cinematic orchestral through metal, corporate, house to hip hop music.

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Christmas Adventure (Full)

An epic cinematic Christmas track featuring flute, oboe, strings, sleigh bells, chimes, tubular bells and brass. The track builds from a smooth beginning with an atmospheric, magical intro through a driving buildup to an epic climax unleashing the full force of the orchestra reinforced by female cho...

Atmospheric Vibey LoFi Hiphop

Vibey, atmospheric relaxing background Lo-Fi Hip Hop track with driving beat, chopped samples, melancholic mood featuring piano, synths, reverse effects. The minimalist, modern chillout sound of this composition is ideal for YouTube video, commercial, stream, vlog, blog, fashion and much more!

Latin Tropical Party

Latin trumpet melodies, latin percussion, Spanish guitars, horns are featured in this energetic dance pop track. Perfect for TV and web advertisement, cinema, radio, YouTube, applications, background, corporate and motivational presentations, viral marketing, promos, commercials, documentaries, for ...

Uplifting Cinematic Corporate

An upbeat, uplifting, motivational, inspirational, corporate pop track with a cinematic flavour. The driving string theme provides variation and buildup towards a soaring, energetic climax. Instruments used: piano, strings, French horn, acoustic guitars, clean electric guitar, claps, drums, shakers,...

Epic Cinematic Buildup

This triumphant, heroic, cinematic track features soaring strings supported by piano, solo cello, powerful, earth shattering drums, percussion and trailer music sound effects. Suitable soundtrack choice for any kind of project from adventure films to corporate presentations, when you need to create ...

Latin Chill LoFi HipHop

Latin, jazz style Lo-Fi Hip Hop track with a relaxing mood. The main melody is played by a trumpet, supported by piano sample, acoustic guitar and latin percussion. The minimalist, modern chillout sound of this composition is ideal for YouTube video, commercial, stream, vlog, blog, fashion and much ...

Olympic Sports Highlights

An energetic, hopeful Hip-Hop / Trailer style track. This tune is driven by heavy hitting drums, impacts, sweeping transitions, a catchy piano melody in the verse, action style strings in the chorus. This powerful and energetic track is perfect for your media project, advertising, lifestyle and spo...

Joyful Morning Whistling

This cheerful, playfully uplifting track features an energetic stomp and clap beat, strummed acoustic guitars, upbeat electric guitar. The main melody is played by bells and piano, supported by whistling. This track is a perfect choice for a variety of scenarios, like Youtube videos, instagram, adve...

Sandstorm-Middle Eastern Cinematic Metal

A cinematic metal track with a Middle Eastern flavour. After an ominous, trailer like intro the track builds into a string and percussion driven theme. Instruments used: acoustic guitars, distorted electric guitar, Turkish violin, baglama, naval, Persian ney, Turkish ney, vocal samples. This track ...
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