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Logo11, Aggressive Dark

An aggressive and dark with glitchy hybrid textures and strong beats. Perfect for movies such as SFX, Action, Horror, Fantasy, etc.


Perfects for blogs, lounge, nightlife, bar scenes, retro themed visuals, lifestyle, travel, or promo footage

Fresh Design

A short minimal corporate logo track. It features a bass drum, xylophone and synths. Perfect for advertising, commercials, marketing, social media, branding, business projects, corporate logos, computer company trademark, video game content, PC software/equipment/programs ads, IT, educational video ...


A forceful and tense heavy metal logo track. It features an electric guitar with overdrive and punchy drums. Perfect for intro/outro video sequences, short ads, broadcasting, trailers, teasers, action movies, video game content, commercials that portray intensity, speed and adrenaline, extreme sport...


A hopeful and inspiring short logo track. It features piano, synths and whooshing effects. Perfect for advertising, animated trademarks, brand promos, brief video sequences, business projects, company idents, logos and other video production, computer software, corporate projects, consumer electroni...

Bright and Beautiful Wedding Piano

Bright and Beautiful Wedding Piano is a gentle romantic track to watch someone go down the isle, down the beach, down the drain..well, basically just going. It is indeed beautiful. It features piano and strings, obviously, and some airy background and light percussion just to make it feel right. Per...

Upbeat Indie Rock

Upbeat Indie Rock is..an upbeat indie rock track, no big surprise here. It`s best suited for bright sitcom intros but might also be used in any positive video content. This track features some guitars, drums and vocals. Enjoy!

Relaxing Chillhop

Nice lo-fi hip-hop track for your project! It features piano, nice beat and some other secret ingredients. It`s calm, relaxing and potentially a great background for your vlog, youtube video, intro or any other content. Enjoy!

Positive Upbeat Rock

A bright positive track that drags you into the groove right away! Just like any other decent rock track it features some guitars, drums, bass and a vocal line. Its fun, driving and carefree which makes it a great fit for a commercial, advertisement, blog, vlog, introoutro or any other piece of vi...

Dark Western Trailer

This one is an epic trailer track for your content. It is slow, dark and a bit aggressive with really determined and gloomy vibe. A great fit for a commercial, advertisement, blog, vlog, intro, outro, video game and loads of other types of content. It features some live humming vocals (no lyrics), s...

Calm Acoustic Guitar and Piano

Bright track for a bright content! This piece of magic here features a couple of acoustic guitars, piano, shakers, drums and quite a few other little details that complete it. It`s calm, uplifting and absolutely positive. Great choice for commercials, advertisements, vlogsblogs, introoutros, cooking...

Action Stomp and Clap

Groovy and dynamic stomping track for your project! Tons of heavy percussion and bouncy clacks to make your video hit it hard from the very first second! Perfect for commercials, advertisements, youtube and many more. Enjoy!

Light Indie Acoustic Guitar

Bright and inspiring track for your commercial, advertisement, blog, vlog, youtube video or any other type of content. Featuring a classical guitar, piano, drums, bells and drums it brings a great carefree vibe to create a shy smile on any face in 2 miles radius. Enjoy!
Yann Keerim
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