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Gimme That Funk

An instrumental Funk track with predominant playful electric guitars.


An instrumental Funk style track with a retro lounge sound.

Jam With Your Soul

A mid-slow tempo Funky style track with a catchy electric guitar riff and an elegant vibe.

Soulful Groove

An instrumental Funk style track with a sensual bass line and a very groovy vibe.

The Epicness

This powerful cinematic track uses piano, horn, string and brass sections, percussion and chorus. This is a good choice for trailers, teasers, historical movies and other projects.

Epic nuclear

Epic nuclear - it's a humongous epic background music with giant brass and mega woodwinds dramatic instrumental parts. Massive strings sound, cinematic ensemble it's a core of this track.

Action In The Air

Powerful and fun electronic track. Good fit for action videos shot in the air such as drone footage, base jumping and other fast moving content. The really cool melodies with a driving EDM beat give off a happy overall mood. Giving a sense of accomplishment and success.

Can't Be The One

The Wallflowers meets Bon Jovi in this nicely crafted forward moving hooky guitar driven song. Features excellent guitar slides and bends along with big drums and catchy guitar riffs punctuated by anthemic choruses.

Morning Routine

A fresh and funky track with urban vibe great for business, trendy media, advertising or marketing background!

Dirty Deeds

Massive track for dynamic videos with guitars and dub wobbles.

Scroll or Die

It is a distorted bass riff with drums. Rock energetic and powerful.

Ripped Up

Fast Paced Energetic Edgy Surf Punk Instrumental.


Fast Paced Piano Boogie with some Horns/Brass.

Big Three

Energetic, Upbeat 1940's Big Band Jazz/Swing Instrumental.

Gypsy Jazz Mon Amie

A classic Django Gypsy Jazz type feel for funny or quirky videos! Also Fit for Cartoons and shortfilms. Feel free to use this track for your commercials, advertising videos and more! Gypsy active guitar and a nice arrangement with drums, bass, and more! Enjoy the music!

Funky Trap City Dance

Summer and energetic track with a positive mood. This music is suitable for various shows, videos about sports, cars, fashion, travel, as well as presentations, advertisements and many other projects and creative ideas.
Yann Keerim
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