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Bright Electro Jingle

Perfect for jingles such as radio, TV, internet programs, anime, games, etc. If it fades out, it will be a track of about 6 seconds.

Funny Big Band In a Silent Cinema

Comedy music track in the style of silent movies. A fun, uplifting orchestra with vintage piano and movie camera sounds. This music is perfect for retro projects. Black and white film, Nostalgia for the past. Make your track successful and noticeable. Let’s create together!

Spooky Halloween Waltz

Spooky Halloween music theme with mysterious music-box, strings tremolos, ghost-like theremin melody, skeletal harpsichord to create a sinister and haunted mood. Perfect for Halloween specials, cinematic promos, amusement parks and commercials.

Enjoyable Funk Jingle

It is a funk music by brass section that is funky, groovy, cool, upbeat, exciting, bouncy and enjoyable. Perfect for jingle for enjoyable programs, TV and radio, advertisement, etc.

Blup the Fish Funny Logo

A Marimba plays a quirky theme with a Latin feel to it. Rhythmic patterns, upright bass and funny “blup” effects give you the idea of a big funny fish swimming by. Perfect to use in commercials, videos, games or other media in need of quirky music.

Happy Upbeat

This track is full of joy, positivity and happiness. A fun instrumental ensemble with piano, ukulele, marimba, violin, hand claps and drum kit, will create a cheerful and happy atmosphere, perfect for motivational corporate videos, websites, web videos, advertising, tv commercials, slideshows, child...


A super fun, kitsch and groovy Latin Jazz track with a humorous theme, infectious drums and bass with retro style organ, vibraphone and Latin percussion.

Happy Polka Comedy

A fun Polka song! Features accordion, brass, flute, clarinet, drums and tambourine. Polka is perfect for commercials, presentations, movie trailers, video soundtracks, TV programs, adverts, comedy videos, children's TV and more.

The Gentleman

Light and fun track with a humorous touch. Featuring pizzicato strings, woodwinds, percussion, and a quirky melody played by a clarinet. Great for sneaky and comical background, it evokes a playful and funny mood. Perfect for advertising, films, TV shows, background, presentations, trailers and more...

Happy Commercial Acapella

A happy acapella group singing track that sets the perfect mood for your project. Suitable for commercials, YouTube, Instagram videos, corporate presentations, innovative videos, technological presentations, websites, motivational info-graphics.

Men's Acapella

Men’s Acapella track with male voices / choir. A Cheerful Acapella track that gives a carefree and worry free feeling. Suitable for commercials, YouTube, Instagram videos, corporate presentations, innovative videos, technological presentations, websites, motivational infographics.

Whimsical Sneaking

A funny and whimsical piece of sneaking music which works well with any humorous scenes and comedy bits. Consists of orchestral instruments such as the oboe, pizzicato strings, xylophone, vibraslap and bassoon. Works well in a comedy film, hidden / candid camera videos, prank videos, quirky commerc...
Yann Keerim
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