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Wonderful Day

A dreamy, emotional royalty-free indie folk, with an airy acoustic guitar, background vocal hums, mandolin, guitar leads, and cozy drums, best for travels, vlogs, road trips, or landscapes.

Cheerful Piano

A cheerful swinging track played with Drums, Double Bass, Piano, Mandoline, Glockenspiel, Shaker, Tambourine and Pizzicato Strings. Perfect for advertisements, films, movies etc. It motivates and makes everybody feel a bit better.

Road To Sunshine (Folk Acoustic Guitar)

A bright and positive music track with an uplifting, joyful and upbeat mood. It features folksy acoustic, slide and steel guitars, mandolin, glockenspiel, fretless bass, shaker, percussion and drums. Perfect for advertising, commercials, film soundtrack, background, vlogs, montages, compilations, sl...

Tarantella italiana

Trantella, italian dance, vocals, mandolin, classic guitar, accordon, tambourine, drum, acoustic bass. Italy, Neaples, Sicily, The Godfather, Captain Corelli, mafia, spaghetti, pizza. Film, Tv and all Media. The Sopranos, The Sicilian Clan or Visconti's The Leopard, Male Vocals, European, Italy

Secret Society

Mysterious music with a gloomy atmosphere of expectation and an anxious mood. It is combined with videos dedicated to Halloween, as well as projects that require a dark, gloomy and frightening atmosphere, suspense, horror, etc.

Bayou Waltz

A downbeat Americana track complete with acoustic guitars, nickleharp, mandolin and a pounding beat. Great for documentaries and evoking life in the southern states.

Uplifting Acoustic Motivational

Inspirational and motivational, uplifting and upbeat music track featuring warm acoustic piano, pluck guitars, realistic mandolin, electric bass, and nice catchy bell tune. In the style of Americana, acoustic pop and corporate inspiring. The beautiful melodies will evoke feelings of joy and cheer. T...
Yann Keerim
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