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Ethnic Historical Ident

Ethnic sounding audio logo featuring cello, duduk and bansuri. Perfect to use in documentaries or other production that need a sting with a historical sounding twist.

Ancient Warriors

Ancient Warriors is a mysterious, cinematic and epic soundtrack with dark ancient nordic atmosphere and european ethnic elements. It conveys pictures of european and eurasian steppes landscapes and customs, viking sagas, barbarians and warlords raids. Great fit for history and period documentaries,...

Epic Medieval Age

Epic medieval music for adventure projects, medieval historical movies, epic game or fantasy tale videos. It engage audience with it’s epic middle ages feel, folk atmosphere and heroic fantasy adventure vibe. Archive includes 2 version: main version 2:01, short version 0:48

An Adventure Tale

An epic, orchestral track, with strings, percussion, flute, oboe, and harpsichord, best for medieval contents, adventure films, or games.

Sanctus - (Epic Gothic Choir)

An enchanting, powerful piece that is atmospheric and inspiring. It features Gothic choirs, brass, strings, orchestral percussion and gong. Works great for movies, trailers, magical and nature themed projects.

Medieval Uplifting Ident

A happy and uplifting short theme played by various string instruments, flutes and bells.

Sad Duduk Dle Yaman

Emotional and Epical, Folkloric and Atmospheric piece of music, featuring 2000 years old Armenian reed instrument called Duduk and a warm synth atmo pad. In the style of Arabic, Folk, Atmo, Soundscape, Meditative. The beautiful Armenian melody will evoke feeling of tenderness. Track is just right fo...

Arabic Mystic

Arabic middle eastern mystic music featuring ney flute, duduk, saz, oud, traditional percussions and beats, and ambient tones. Great fit for documentaries about the middle-east and arab culture, movies, video games, travel videos, or any media that needs an ethno-world music background music. Co...

epic cinema 5

epic orchestra for cinema inspirational, heroic , motivational, determined,future Produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Nikproteus www.codec99.com /www.doremind-music.com/

Ancient Times

Calm harp melody with epic orchestration. This soundtrack will takes you into the atmosphere of the middle ages. Includes bright harp and kantele, gentle pads, powerful epic drums, dramatic strings and brass. Suitable for films about Middle Ages, medieval or documentary cinematic, games, trail...

Dawn Before Battle

Dramatic and epic medieval soundtrack with emotional female vocals and strong ancient Nordic feel. Creates a tense atmosphere of the upcoming battle. Includes calm celtic harp, dramatic cellos, epic brass, powerful battle drums and male battle cries, sword clang and atmospheric sounds of nature. ...

The Way It Was

This cinematographic folk soundtrack is suitable for a variety of media production purposes, from travel videos, audio books and documentaries to video games and feature films. The composition consists of traditional acoustic guitar, lute and hammered dulcimer. Backed up with orchestral drones and s...


Cinematic world music track featuring the armenian duduk as a lead instrument. Perfect for use in documentaries, mountain scenes. Track is evolving with percussion and tribal african / indian vocals.

Dramatic trailer action and powerful explorer piece for a movie

This epic track is perfect for trailer, video games and films. Music track for epic commercial, advertising. Cinematic background music for presentation, slideshow and videos.

Cinematic trailer action and powerful victory sounds for a background

This epic track is perfect for trailer, video games and films. Modern inspirational cinematic music for your beautiful projects. Beautiful and emotional royalty free music track featuring a highly inspirational orchestra.

Dramatic trailer Hollywood and glorious uplifting track for a TV show

Perfect for videos, films ,TV, promotions, presentations, corporate videos and background music. Music track for epic commercial, advertising. Warm orchestral strings in an optimistic and hopeful mood.

Motivational trailer adventure and heroic legend soundtrack for a movie

This epic track is perfect for any video games, films, or movie trailer projects that needs heroic and emotional epic music. Powerful and heavy with thunderous drums, driving strings, and inspiring percussion. Motivational epic orchestral music for intro and outro.
Yann Keerim
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