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Rise Of Empire

Suitable for: cinematic background, epic trailers, sad and motivational videos, war and battle scenes


Emotional and inspirational powerful cinematic soundtrack. Perfect background for film, trailers, and personal cinematic projects, heroic video games, teaser, advertising, trailer, intro, titles, cinematic production, superhero movies, etc...


Powerful cinematic soundtrack for games and tv projects

Cinematic Adventure

Powerful cinematic inspiring epic track with emotional and dynamic orchestral strings

Far Away [PACK]

Far Away is an acoustic folklore song about hope and adventure. It features female vocals with lyrics, oud, acoustic guitars, and groovy drums. It is excellent as background music in movies, films, advertisements, video games, and more. Lyrics: Away Far away All the fields of green Lie Beneath the...

Sad and Slow Piano and Cello

A really depressing slow track, only purpose of which is to make your cry like a little B**.. Baby. i meant to say baby. Featuring piano and a bunch of cellos it`s atmospheric and it sure can set a mood. Perfect for videogame defeat moments, melancholic movies, or for crying in a blanket. REAL ...

Rey Sabio (World Arabic)

Medieval guitar melodies that transport you to the ancient court of old European kings.

Medieval Kingdom

A bright, heroic and inspiring epic track with cinematic strings and brass, bright pad, deep piano, epic drums and cymbals, best choice for cinema projects, inspiring and motivational videos, adverts, presentations, youtube videos.

Pirates of Irish sea

An inspiring and glorious adventure track cinematic strings and brass, grand cymbalom, deep piano, epic drums and background choir, best choice for adventure movies soundtracks, teasers, trailers, medieval ethnic projects and videos, adverts, nautical videos etc.


An ambient, fantasy cinematic track with deep piano, fantasy celesta, ciniematic strings and brass, flute, ethnic percussion, epic drums, some pads and fx. This awesome music has 2 different moods - calm and epic. Perfect for all kinds of projects from fantasy films and movies, audiobook soundtra...

Scottish Bagpipes

A hopeful, inspiring and atmospheric traditional music track with droning bagpipes. Perfect for Scotland-related videos, documentaries, fantasy films, deep heroic scenes, or highlands scenery.

Cinematic Folk Tale

Folk track featuring a thumb piano, lute, cellos and more. The track gradually moves into a grand cinematic climax towards the end. The music is set to no particular tempo to give an organic and natural feel.

Medieval King

An atmospheric, acoustic piece, inspired by the Middle Ages. Featuring authentic medieval instruments such as flute, lute, hurdy gurdy and hand drum. Perfect for ancient and historic scenes and settings in film, games and documentaries.

Fight Society

loopable metal track with rhythmic riff, groove drums, punchy bass, and ambient stabs. Swaggy, angst vibe. Perfect for intense sports, action adventure content, and angst vlogs

Oasis Crunch

Cinematic Medeival Metal with crunchy guitar chugs and cinematic drums. Aggressive driving vibe with an arabian melodic solo. Great for video games, TV/Film that’s centered on action and adventure
Yann Keerim
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