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The Clone Army - Dark Epic Misterious Drill

Haunting, ambient, horrorful, dark and dramatic audio background with a tremendous cinematic atmosphere! Perfect for Movie Presentations, Halloween Vlogs and Videos, Make Up Tutorials, Movie trailers, travel vlogs, tech tutorials, gaming intros, sport documentaries, wedding videos, photography vide...

Chinese Dynasty

Chinese Dynasty is an epic piece of music in style of the famous chinese composer Tan Dun. It's made with typical instruments like the bamboo bawu-flute, chinese percussion, portamento strings, guzheng zither and male choir. This music brings the ancient China to your project.

War Action Cinematic

Powerful and dynamic cinematic track that has a war march beat and an emotional melody. It features instruments from a classical orchestra like violins, violas, cellos, trombones, horns, trumpets and percussion. It is perfect as background music for movies, short films, trailers, documentaries, vide...

Dreadful Crime

This is intense punk electronic epic and powerful cinematic trailer track great for action, crime, extreme sports, fight , film, TV, advertisement and gaming. Consists of drums and timpani beat, synth and piano theme , powerful cello and cinematic FX elements to bring more epic vibe. Include main v...

Military March

Cinematic military march with rhythmic percussion and a melodic brass section that is great for movies, videos, video games and more. It features tuba, trombone, french horn, trumpet, snare drum and bass drum.

Crime Hunter

This is intense epic and powerful cinematic trailer track great for action, crime, extreme sports, fight , film, tv, advertisement and gaming. Consists of drum beat, horns, clean guitar and piano theme , powerful cello and cinematic drum elements to bring more epic vibe. Include main version , bed...

Endless War

This is an intense, triumphant, glorious and action cinematic track, with powerful cellos ,big drums, percussions instruments, epic brass and guitar theme. This track it´s perfect for soundtrack, video games, background epic music in dramatic films, documentary, inspiring and motivational video, sl...

Victory Ahead

Modern and dark driven epic track with accentuated strings and aggressive percussion, hybrid synth elements and melodic arrangement. Rather dark and pumped in the drums. Together with the trailer effects, this track is driving and engaging. Ideal for victorious cues, combat or opener as in trailer a...

One Day

Modern hybrid and impactful dark epic track. Drama and tension is introduced in the low brass, accentuated percussion and trailer hits are joining as well as short strings. Quickly, the track rises in tension and fullness by introducing a heroic yet dark melody line with choir, brass and strings. T...


Modern hybrid trailer track accompanied by gritty lead guitars, big epic choir and trailer hits. Aggressively pushing and pulsating, this track introduces anarchy in the percussion and feels pumped through the dark electric guitar, wide orchestra and accentuated strings. Very cinematic and trailer-l...

Epic Meltdown

Modern, hybrid and dark epic track. Very vigorous and pumping in the percussion and overall short strings. Impactful and eery choir, leaves you with a feeling that judgement day has come. Ideal for dark and cinematic impact, trailer and opener.

The British Grenadiers

The British Grenadiers is a well known military march from the 17th century, still used in all the artillery units in the armies of Great Britain, Canada and Australia, often associated with the American Revolutionary War and the redcoats. Instruments feature a flute ensemble, snare ensemble and a ...

Dramatic Military Battle Theme

A building orchestral theme with military snare rolls, timpani, staccato strings and horn swell. Evokes feelings of tension, aggression and motivation. Perfect for video games, videos or presentations dealing with battle, war and weapons.

Army of Darkness - Cinematic Evil Theme Dark Orchestral Music

Cinematic trailer music for horror movies. It includes fear, scary, spooky, creepy, evil, dangerous, crime, sound design effects, thriller, dark, risers, downers, action drums. Ideal for film soundtrack, teasers, video games, crime documentaries.
Yann Keerim
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