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Quirky Pizzicato

It's a quirky, evocative track with violin, viola, cello, double bass, and bells as featured instrument. Perfect for commercials, TV shows, movie trailers and any project which requires high quality playful background.

Little Wallflower [PACK]

Fun and Quirky Orchestral Comedy track for your project! it features strings, woodwinds and oercussion. Perfect for commercial, advertisement, youtube, kids videos, video games and cooking. Enjoy!

This Is Halloween [PACK]

This is a scary and spooky audio track perfect to set a Halloween mood in your project! This track featuring strings and brass sections, harpsichord, percussion. Suitable for any projects, including Halloween films, tutorials, dark holiday videos, web, app, game, radio, TV and Youtube.

Our Quirky Project

Quirky, jumpy, piece featuring a variety of comic instrumental phrases. Pizzacato strings, marimba and low bassoon compete throughout with quick, comic sounding phrases. The added percussive oddities give add to the overall silly flavour. This is a cartoon-like piece that is useful for documentary f...

The Three Little Pigs

Funny comic and happy track. Perfect for comedy, humorous backgrounds, comedy films, kids videos, cartoons, animation and more

Funny Pizzicato Orchestral Drama [PACK]

Upbeat and Energetic Orchestral Comedy track for your project! It features the whole orchestra with pizzicato strings and sarcastic percussion. Perfect for video games, background, youtube, commercial, advertisement, children content. Enjoy!

Positive Manouche Swing

Fresh and Bouncy Gypsy Jazz track for your project! It features acoustic guitar, brushed drums, upright bass and a piano. Perfect for commercials, ads, youtube, intros and many more. Enjoy!

Comedy Strings [PACK]

Comically Sad track to highlight the most ridiculous moments of your project! It features strings, woodwinds, bells and some orchestral percussion. Perfect for minimal video games, childish commercials or other projects in need of some whimsical music. Enjoy!

Funny Little Drama [PACK]

A nice classical piece for your project! It features pizzicato strings, woodwinds and some orchestral percussion. A perfect background for video game, movie, youtube and many more. Enjoy!

Curious [PACK]

Quirky and Fun little track for your project! It features an orchestra with strings, woodwinds and quite a few funny percussion inlays. Perfect for commercial, ad, youtube, video game or any other project. Enjoy!

Yann Keerim
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