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Toddle Waddle

A toddling and strolling song for comedy. Performed with ukulele, acoustic guitar, trombone and pizzicato strings. This song is funny and playful.

The Gentleman

Light and fun track with a humorous touch. Featuring pizzicato strings, woodwinds, percussion, and a quirky melody played by a clarinet. Great for sneaky and comical background, it evokes a playful and funny mood. Perfect for advertising, films, TV shows, background, presentations, trailers and more...

Morning Stroll

Light and fun track featuring upright bass, percussion, and a quirky strings and woodwinds ensemble. Great for comical background, it evokes a playful and funny mood. Perfect for advertising, films, TV shows, backgrounds, presentations, documentaries and more. Included Versions: - Main Version - 0:...

Oriental Trash

Arabic precisions tabla and daff fusion mix with electric distortions for movies, bellydancers dance and Arabic urban scenes could be used for comedy and traditions cuts.

Little Ironic Spy Mission

The playful royalty free track with half funny half tense investigation vibe. There are mallet percussion such as xylophone, marimba, vibraphone. Suitable for comedic scenes, cartoons, videos about animals, whimsical commercials, youtube videos and advertising animations. There are 2 versions: Lit...

Funny Halloween Comedy

Playful and funny Halloween track suitable for comedy, cartoons, circus, animation and quirky backgrounds. Featured instruments: Pizzicato strings, woodwinds, pipe organ, tuba and percussion.

Comedy Lounge

Light comedy latin jazz with warm retro sound. Quirky brass theme, bossa-nova drums, cocktail vibe and playful mood. Perfect for vintage sit-com inspired projects, comedy sketches and 60's culture related videos.

Pizzicato Fun (no percussion)

A quirky, comical track with pizzicato strings, percussion, marimba and kalimba. Great for projects needing light-hearted, happy background music to add an extra element of humour.

MONEY (EDM Pop) - 60sec version

Carefree and cheeky EDM fun energy with a bit of whistle theme. Available in: Main version / Background / 60sec / 30sec / 15sec / Stinger / Loop.

Funny Awkwardness

A quirky, whimsical and funny cinematic track with an uplifting and humorous vibe. Includes funny pauses. Instruments used: Brass, pizzicato, strings, double bass, glockenspiel, xylophone and woodwind. Would suit these type of video/media projects: Fun commercials, comedy, awkward moments, advert...

Yann Keerim
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