Comedy Royalty Free Music

Get a mixture of quirky, goofy and upbeat Comedy Royalty Free Music which is great for kids, parties and giving a fun vibe to your presentations.

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ROYAL COURT (Orchestra Ceremony) - 30sec version

Composer: Alessandro Gozzo
Available in: Main version / Narrative (no lead melodies) / 60sec / 30sec / Bumper / Stinger____ORCHESTRAL CELEBRATORY MOOD WITH AN EPIC, REGAL AND GLORIOUS TASTE___UPLIFTING SUCCESSFUL ENTERPRISE ACHIEVEMENT.

Les Francofuns

Composer: hooyoosay
Fun-vibe synth pop. Playful sing-along song in a mix of French and English. Musique variété et fête.

OPEN NIGHT (Dance Pop) - 60sec version

Composer: Alessandro Gozzo
Available in : Main version / Narrative (no lead melodies) / 60sec / 30sec / 15sec / Stinger. Instrumental club dance with strong catchy theme and an airy dreamy mood that recalls baroque classical music in a modern way. Catchy Rhythm Edm Dance Pop Fun

Comedy Intro

Composer: Esther Garcia
Funny intro featuring rhythmic accordion, mandolin, castanets and acoustic percussion. Suitable as opener for videos, corporate projects or presentations.

Biting Irony

Composer: Esther García
Funny cinematic composition with celesta, cimbalon, strings, clarinet, oboe, brass, harp, guitar and percussion. Perfect for comedy videos, films or trailers.

Fun In Chinatown

Composer: Michael Adels
Funny asian fusion pop with lots of original theater voices and a mix of traditional elements and modern edm sounds.

Whimsical Happy Symphony

Composer: Jake Schneider
A whimsical, happy and playful orchestral cinematic track. Featuring; pizzicato, orchestral strings, glockenspiel, chimes, timpani and cinematic fx. Perfect for children’s films, light comedies, adventure video games, cinematic film projects, happy family videos. Picture scenes of friendly neighb...

Automatic Toy Circus

Composer: Michael Adels
A funny pop track with lots of original analog synths. Perfect for cartoons, children themes, comedy, games and much more.

Oops Just Quirky Comedic Orchestral Joke

Composer: Alehey Kukhianidze
Quirky funny and joke music track with satirical elements and orchestral mood. Good for advertising, funny short video, silly story or as you wish.

Scary quirky hammering

Composer: Horacemix
Scary quirky hammering, big belly walkers, zombie ducks, whatever you imagine.

Small and Fast

Composer: BeepCode
Fast and energetic uplifting corporate track in modern pop style with piano arpeggios, percussions, orchestral elements and positive mood.

Funny Cinematic Animation

Composer: Jake Schneider
A cute, quirky and fun cinematic track with an uplifting and humorous vibe. Including funny pauses. An ideal track suitable for fun commercials, comedy, advertising, light-hearted happy family videos, children’s videos, animation, CGI (think Pixar and DreamWorks), cartoon videos, film projects, Y...

Spy vs Spy

Composer: Juris Eihmanis
Comic and adventure music theme, will suit as a background music for crime comedies, weird and awkward scripts, tiptoe villains, childish or mad adults, cartoons, and more. Features accordion, pizzicato strings, viola, harp, trumpet mute wah, organ, trombon, bassoon, mute guitar, pizzicato bass, g...

SPRINGBOARD (Dance Pop Fun) - 30sec version

Composer: Alessandro Gozzo
Available in: Main version / Narrative (no melodies) / Background / 60sec / 30sec / 15sec / 2 Stingers. Positive synth EDM Pop, energy & fun in a simple and catchy mood. Works for social media, adv, infomercials, or wherever you need uplifting positivity. Joy Of Life, friendship, Action, Commer...

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