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For Halloween

The ironic, jocular music track for Halloween, cartoon, trailers, games and other projects.

Pizzicato Comedy Sting

Typical pizzicato strings comedy theme to give your funny scene that little extra push. Special production techniques have been used to make this piece sound authentic and realistic. Works really well as an intro or supporting animation, especially in corporate videos, film and documentaries. Bec...

Sneaky Cat

Sneaky Cat is a mysterious and spooky song which could be the perfect soundtrack for any projects that need of a playful mood. This catchy track is good for any kind of cartoon, comedic, magic and funny scenes, or for any children’s applications.

Funny Saloon Piano

Joyful Honky Tonk piano music that sounds merry and playful! With a vintage Ragtime style, this song is great for black and white films, nostalgia, old movie camera, cowboys, old western bars and saloons, and funny comedies. Perfect for advertising, background music, presentations and also kids, ba...

Cinematic Funk

High Energy Funky track will perfectly rock your projects. Catchy electric guitars with uplifting horns and saxophones emphasize the uniqueness of your project! Perfect background for the presenter, fashion, comedy, instagram, youtube, tiktok content and more!

Happy Polka Comedy

A fun Polka song! Features accordion, brass, flute, clarinet, drums and tambourine. Polka is perfect for commercials, presentations, movie trailers, video soundtracks, TV programs, adverts, comedy videos, children's TV and more.

Morning Coffee

You wake up in the morning. Drink coffee and listening to positive affirmations (music) that inspires you for the day. An easy listening track with piano, double bass, drums. Perfect for advertising about coffee, or for a coffee scene in your film or TV show.

Yann Keerim
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