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Think It

Laid-back quirky Hip Hop groove. Fun and unusual arrangement.

The Mall

Cool, upbeat track with funky guitar, solid beat and catchy synths. Happy Go Lucky feel.

The Entertainer

Popular Ragtime piano piece originally composed by Scott Joplin.

Slap Happy

Groovy track with solid bass and drum beat and catchy synths. Upbeat and happy.

Nite Out

Comical and fun Blues track with quirky orchestration. Great for comedy scene. Not to be taken seriously!

Loosen Up

Upbeat modern Pop track with quirky, catchy synths and solid drum/bass groove. Carefree, fun and free atmosphere.

Good Vibrations

Comedic Blues track with cool flowing groove. Upbeat, energetic and fun.

Funny Funk

Bouncy, funky track with comical feel. Chucking guitar, bass and solid drum groove.

Bass Fun

Quirky track with Bass guitar and sparse percussion. Comical feel.

All Together

Upbeat, quirky old school hip hop track with solid beat and catchy synths.

Weird Brain

Strange, wacky electro track with quirky synths and Pop Dance beat

Wake Up Call

Upbeat catchy track with humerous, quirky instrumentation. Also has happy-go-lucky childish feel.

So Cheesy

Very cheesy Pop track with 80' feel. Happy go lucky atmosphere!

Larking About

Upbeat, quirky track with groovy beat, organ and funky synths.

Just Joking

Humerous track with quirky, comical orchestration. Great for children's scene or animation

Inspired By The Dream

Cinematic, Disney-style piece with intricate arrangement. Begins softly, then gradually builds into an inspiring festive finale!

Stop Chasing Me

A very quirky, experimental electronic track with synths and drums.

Yann Keerim
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