Royalty free music by Veaceslav Draganov

Draganov Veaceslav - Composer, sound designer and pianist. He was born in Moldova on February 1, 1989. In nine years, he composed his first song, titled "Sad Clown". Since 2012, he started composing music for video prudction, advertising and films. The track "Beyond Borders Of Inspiration" took place in the European top charts.

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Summer Disco

Energetic summer pop track for your video production, advertising, slideshow, blogs, television broadcasting and more..

Corporate Commercial

Corporate commercial and business track for your business presentation, promotional videos, advertising, slideshow, television broadcasting and more...

Piano In Red

Corporate inspirational piano background track for your media production, promotional videos , advertising, television broadcasting, company, business presentation, slideshow and more...

Tribal Percussion

Acoustic dynamic percussion track for your video/media production.


"Halloween" - Orchestral magical and mysterious track for Halloween video/media projects, advertising, slideshow, television broadcasting, podcast, movie , promotion and more...

Rebirth ( Light Version )

Inspirational cinematic and emotional soundtrack for your movie production.


"Rebirth" - An inspiring emotional cinematic soundtrack for your movie, advertising, television broadcasting or video production. The track is filled with real feelings and emotions! Thanks !


" tumultus " - Epic hollywood soundtrack full of courage, confrontation and memories of the great victories and battles, of the great empires , of the ancient world!

The Infinite

"The Infinite" - Emotional epic cinematic and inspiring trailer music for your movie production, television broadcasting, video games, advertising, slideshow, animation, sports , podcast and more...

Children's Ukulele

Happy and funny children's ukulele track for your family project, blog, advertising, commercials, slideshow, positive business presentations and more...


Cinematic orchestral and romantic soundtrack for your films, advertising, television, slideshow and more...

Magical Piano

Beautiful inspirational magical piano for your video projects, advertising production, slideshow, television broadcasting , romantic presentations and more...

Another Dimension

Action dramatic orchestral trailer for your movie, news, advertising, television broadcasting, slideshow, podcast, radio, animation, games and more....

Outside The Madness ( Orchestral Trailer )

Epic powerful orchestral cinematic trailer for movie production, advertising, sports, television broadcasting, business presentations, animation and more...

Higher Than Sky

Background cinematic inspirational music track for your movie production, advertising, slideshow, Youtube videos, video blogs, television, animation, radio and more...

Navigation ( Electro Dance Music )

Electro dance music for your slideshow, video production, television, advertising and more...

New Age

"New Age " - Beautiful romantic cinematic track for your movie, advertising, television broadcasting and promotional videos.

Romantic Piano

Inspirational romantic piano with professional classical harmony and sound. Great for movie, advertising, slideshow, television broadcasting, wedding projects and more...

Dubstep Intro

Energetic aggressive dubstep track for your sport, slideshow, video games, advertising, television broadcasting and more...

Cinematic Epic

Cinematic orchestral track featuring piano and strings. Great for movie production, slideshow, advertising, television broadcasting and more...
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