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Veaceslav Draganov is a composer based out of Moldova He as created tracks for companies such Philips, Jaguar, ORF 2, NHL, C8, Golf Channel, Fox Network, HGTV, TV1, CNN, Discovery, MTV2, and others.
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Jazz Trio Ballade

Lovely and beautiful jazz ballade ,which includes three acoustic instruments. It is the drums, piano and bass. Calm and gentle melody for your presentation.

Love is Life

Fresh motivational track specifically tailored to your ideas and projects.

Mobile Logo

This exquisite and stylish logo specifically for your business. Suitable for mobile phones, iphone, ipod, websites.

Motivation Harmonics

Motivational commercial track begins with harmonics guitar and grand piano . Then shall come upbeat drums, bass, electric guitars and strings. Well suited for any commercial, corporate, motivational and inspirational projects, TV, media, advertisments, news, Youtube videos.

Motivation Uplifting

Corporate track featuring guitar harmonics, catchy piano, bright electric guitars . Great for your commercial media projects.

Motivational Moment

Motivational corporate track for your media, advertising, video presentation, Youtube video, TV, commercials, websites.


Orchestral energetic track well suited for the news, or video projects in the same category.

Nice Piano

Commercial piano track for your video production, advertising, slideshow, television broadcasting and more...

Orchestral Trailer Dynamic

Orchestral Cinematic Trailer for your media projects, films, slide show, sport, advertising and etc.

Piano ( Version 4 )

Beautiful inspirational piano track for your best quality video project, TV, Youtube video, website, media, film, commercials.

Piano (Version 5 )

Inspirational, gorgeous and profoundly sounding of Legacy Steinway grand piano (1969). Miraculously this track will fit into any of your project. Perfectly will approach both for advertising and for the film.

Piano ( Version 7 )

Corporate and motivational music for your best quality project or advertising.

Piano Cinematic

This inspiring piano track with orchestral instruments : oboe, cellos, violins, flute, horns, basses and orchestral percussion. Great for video production, beautiful slideshow, movies, advertising and inspirational wedding projects.

Pop Club

Pop Club Track for your energetic and lively project or presentation.

Positive Happy Moment

Positive happy tune with two different pianos , drums, acoustic guitars, bass, bells. Suitable for any commercial and positve video project, advertisments, TV, media, Youtube videos , websites.

Sentimental Piano

Sentimental and romantic piano melody for your video project, films, commercials.

Sport Presentation

Powerful and bright Trailer music for your video sport projects, presentations, media, TV, News, movies, commercials, advertisments.

Street Bikers

Cool and energetic track for a corporate project. Charges and brings a positive motivation. Whoever buys this track certainly will find success in their work

Success Piano

Success piano inspirational music for your video project, Youtube video, website, media, commercials, TV, films.

Symphonic Transcedental Trailer

Symphonic Transcendent Trailer with orchestra and epic vocals. Perfect for powerful video projects, epic commercials, movies , global rollers , trailers, blockbusters, webistes, Youtube videos.
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