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Veaceslav Draganov is a composer based out of Moldova He as created tracks for companies such Philips, Jaguar, ORF 2, NHL, C8, Golf Channel, Fox Network, HGTV, TV1, CNN, Discovery, MTV2, and others.
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Epic Inspiration

Epic inspirational track featuring the deep sound of the piano, full orchestra and sound effects. Great for your film production, trailers, advertisements, television, video games.

Epic Trailer

“Epic trailer” consisting of hybrid sounds, scary, dark voices, epic drums. Good choice for a dramatic logo or trailer project. This music available for TV spots, Games,Video, Yotube Videos, Production, Media, News, Motion Design, Movie.

Epic Vocal Trailer

Epic trailer for your media, advertising, TV, Yotube video, movies.


“Fashion”- commercial background track for your fashion show, Model Agency, presentations, projects, web sites, TV, sports, Youtube videos. Includes Mp3 and Wav formats.


Happy and uplifting track for your media projects and videos, presentations, advertisements, television broadcasting, slideshow, radio and more…


Upbeat and acoustic track featuring ukulele guitars, nylon guitar strum, handclaps, bells , strings and piano. Great for your media projects.

Happy Corporate

Happy commercial track featuring ukulele guitar, piano, strings, upbeat drums. Suitable for any corporate projects. Includes mp3, wav formats.

Happy Life

Happy motivational track with acoustic ukulele, live drums and warm bass guitar.

Happy & Ukulele

Happy Ukulele track featuring piano, ukulele guitar, claps, glockenspiel, drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar . Suitable for any commercial video project.

Trailer Hybrid Ident

A cool entry to the epic film, trailer. Latest modern effects, hybrid synthesizers, dubstep rhythm and dubstep effects, orchestral strings and percussion.

Hybrid Trailer

Hybrid Epic Trailer includes a sound effects , modern hybrid instruments and rhythms , cinematic drums and percussion . Ideally suited in the film, video or a terrible and powerful project. Thank you for purchasing !

Inspiration and Motivational

Confident business inspirational royalty free background instrumental music with uplifting and motivational feel featuring acoustic grand piano, guitar harmonics delay, bright acoustic guitar, electric guitar, strings and upbeat drums . This corporate business track will help supplement your projec...

Inspirational paradise

Quality inspirational piano with melodic main theme . Light and beautiful background for your commercial work.

Inspiring Dance

Corporate summer track with emotional guitars, beautiful pads, calming piano. Perfect for commercial use .

Inspiring Piano

This inspiring piano theme featuring grand piano and bright violoncello. Relaxing and soothing music. Thank you for your attention !

It's My Life

Upbeat and uplifting tune well suited for the brightest and the best projects. Happy sounds of this track motivates and inspires. Arrangement contains of the most popular instruments for the advertising industry .


Jazz trio happy track for your fun project, media, TV, radio, advertising. Thank you for your purchase !

Jazz Band

Jazz band music with acoustic bass, soxophone, grand piano and drums , for your video project, business, media, Youtube video, advertisments, TV, websites.

Jazz Band Logo

Jazz Band Logo for your funny video, TV, radio, advertising, media.

Jazz Ident

Jazz intro ( Ident ) for you commercial project, movie and video.

Jazz Logo

Jazz trio logo with bass guitar, grand piano and drums. Very energetic and playful.
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