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Brightness of the Stars

Instrumental New Age and ambient electronic music, made for electric piano, synth plucks and synth pads, ideal for relaxing and peaceful situations. Also great for nature and space documentaries.

The Dream of a Star

Instrumental space ambient music made for synthesizers, magical pianos and synth bells, ideal for space documentaries and films, also perfect for relaxation, spa and natural therapies.

Thinking About Nature

It`s a clear and pure organic music, soft and thinkful with positive mood. You can hear marimba, kalimba, piano, strings and percussion.

Ambient Senses

An atmospheric soundscape with calming surrounding synths. This track is ideal for meditation, yoga, relaxation and sleep videos. Available with and without background wind.

World Ethno Journey - Loop Version

This one is contemporary ethno electronic lounge track with oud solo, tabla, sensual vibraphone, ethnic oriental strings, warm bass and slow meditative groove. Mood of this track – chilled, relaxed, sensual, hypnotizing, and charming. This is excellent track for travel video, ethnic fashion show, ...

Chromatic Waves

Royalty free ambient meditation instrumental music with ethereal serene feel and echoing water drops and birds background for relaxation or guided meditation video, relaxing vlog, yoga exercise class, zen spa ambiance, and commercial business use. Download unlimited ambient royalty free music for re...

Romantic relax (inspirational piano calm background)

Slow calm romantic piano theme with soft inspiring melody. It can be used in your photo or video commercials.

Shatsu Theme (meditation mood)

Shatsu Theme is a meditative, slow and very peaceful track. It's soft and relaxing, perfect for a descriptive video or a documentary, but it works good also as a soundtrack or in a serious podcast. Instruments used: soft synth pads, arpeggiated synth bells, a soft touch on percussions, some noise fr...

Pineal Jungle - Calming Binaural Music For Meditation, Yoga and Massage

An ambient binaural track featuring delta waves. Binaural music is best listened to with headphones as it is an effect produced by a slight difference in frequency between the ears. This music can be used in a variety of projects ranging from meditation, yoga, reiki, massage, ASMR, sleep, relaxation...

Traditional Yoga Music

A meditative traditional Indian song with sitar, tanpura and bansuri bamboo flute. Perfect for presentations, slideshows, video blogs and any project dealing with yoga and India.

Soft Piano (gentle, emotional)

Relaxing and peaceful track, slow, calm and delicate. Piano, glockenspiel and some strings in the end. Very sweet, gentle. Sort of lullaby.


Cinematic world music track featuring the armenian duduk as a lead instrument. Perfect for use in documentaries, mountain scenes. Track is evolving with percussion and tribal african / indian vocals.

Star Brightness in Dark Space

Instrumental positive ambient music made for synthesizers and soundscapes, best for space travel and futuristic topics in films, tv series and clips, and nature documentaries. Also great for relaxation, natural healing therapies, reiki, yoga and meditation.

Deep Meditation

Ambient guitar strums and vibrating strings in this relaxing royalty free music track create a calm and peaceful background for your next project!

Meditation And Relaxation

Deep relaxation & meditation music with the sounds of the rain, piano and ethereal voices.

Floating Spa

An ambient chill song with soft synth pads, warm piano and light waves atmosphere. Evokes feelings of calmness, ease and relaxation. Perfect for wellness, spa and meditation.

Yann Keerim
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