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Atmospheric ambient track using an air pad and synthesized sharp sounds. This is an excellent choice for space, relaxation, documentary, meditation, science fiction, slowdown, adventure and many other your projects.

Space Relaxing Ambient

Atmospheric ambient track with soothing moving pad. Perfect for soothing and beautiful videos.

Space Ambient

Relaxing, airy music for space videos, meditation and many other atmospheric projects. With this music you will create an endless atmosphere of mystery and mysticism.

Meditative Atmosphere

Relaxing music with useing electronic sounds. This is nice for indie games, meditation, relaxation, and more.

Meditation Relax

Meditative ambient track with glass sounds for relaxation, yoga, indie games and other objects on an abstract.

For Meditation

Meditative track using glass bells for relaxation, yoga, background music for indie games and much more.


Atmospheric, deep track using electronic pads. This is a good choice for space, science, meditation, relaxation.

Calm Space Ambient

Atmospheric relaxing music for space video, meditation, relaxation, sleeping, stress relief, dreaming, video about nature, massage, spa, healing therapy, and for complete peace of mind.

Mystical Atmosphere

Mysterious atmosphere of pleasant music.Relaxing music with quiet of the night when the wind caresses upper front view stars and angels in heaven. Music penetrates the soul and floods the body with a shudder of music.

Shamanic Meditation

Atmospheric tribal soundscape with ritualistic atmosphere featuring mongolian throat singing, overtones, balenese gamelan, deep percussions and humming. Great fit for history and period documentaries, antropology projects, meditative and abstract videos, experimental and fantasy projects. Themes ...

Emotional Piano Presentation

Instrumental music made for piano solo. The style is a mix between classical and soundtrack music, and the mood is positive, with emotional expressiveness. This music fits perfect in positive romantic scenes, beautiful landscapes and sentimental optimistic situations in films, advertising, tv series...

Looking For Inner Peace

Atmospheric relaxing soundscape for stress relief, dreaming, space traveling, meditation, massage, spa. Main moods of this track are relaxing, beautiful, calm, chill, contemplative, easy, ethereal, minimalistic, mystical and meditative.

Sea Waves

Calm relaxing background track. Includes waves sound, wide pads, gentle piano and bells. Creates peaceful and dreaming mood.

Yann Keerim
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