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Dark & spacey soundscapes

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Sentimental Romantic Atmosphere

Sentimental and dreamy background track with piano theme. Perfect for love story, sentimental and romantic videos, inspirational projects, wedding videos, photo slideshows, travel movie, diving video and much more.

Ambient Atmospheric

Ambient atmospheric track for your media production. Great for video, advertising, film, television broadcasting, slideshow and more...

Rising Sun

This is an electro-ambient instrumental which includes soundscapes and natural elements.

The Calling

An ambient synth track with a relaxing and meditative vibe.

As We Behold

An ambient synth track with a relaxing and meditative vibe.

Heavenly Radiance

Ambient background cinematic music for video production, advertising, television broadcasting, slideshow and more...

Midnight Sky

This is calm and beautiful ambient music with deep and peaceful atmosphere. Good background track for any Video, Media, TV, Radio, YouTube, Promo, Presentations, Slide-Shows and other different Multimedia Projects.

Inspiring Ambient

Perfect for films, documentary projects, television, inspirational videos, and any project needing a gentle yet motivational background.


"Ambient" - calming atmospheric and relaxing music for your great video project, advertising, slideshow, television broadcasting and more...


Spacious electronic track with cool beat, sweeping pads and catchy synths. Great for sci-fi, mystery scene. Ambient, flowing and peaceful.

The Plan

Strong beat, organ and various synths create this mysterious, ominous, ambient track.

Night Sky

This is very emotional cinematic and atmospheric track with beautiful ambient sound and mood. This is patriotic, proud, heroic and glorious music with optimistic and warm atmosphere. Perfect background audio for any Video, Media, YouTube, Radio, Promo, Presentations, Commercials, Advertising and oth...

Unexplored Planets

Ambient atmospheric instrumental background music track. Good for future cinematic video, hi-tech montage, technology and space documentary films.


Unusual arrangement with weird synths and electronic drum loop. Quirky, spacey and chaotic atmosphere.


Spacious, atmospheric piece with flowing, ambient synths and various sfx. Great for mystery or sci fi scene

Spaced Out

Mellow drum beat with mysterious spacious synths. Great for mystery, sci fi scene. Very ambient and atmospheric.

Space and Time

Spacious, ambient piece with flowing synths and sparse SFX. Suitable for spacey sci fi scene

Someone's Coming

Sweeping synths and spooky sfx create this subtle soundscape. Suitable for background sounds in sci fi or spacey scene.

Solar Eclipse

Sweeping synths and spooky SFX create this spacious sci-fi track. Ambient and atmospheric.

Positive Movement

Quirky, catchy electronic track with solid beat and cool synths. Groovy and upbeat!

Yann Keerim
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