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Inspiring Ambient Journey (4 Versions)

An inspiring ambient track featuring warm pads, acoustic guitar, piano and electronic beat. This encouraging and soothing atmospheric track expresses sensitivity, persistence, and optimism - excellent music to promote corporate projects, any kind of motivational videos, presentations and much mor...

Monsoon (New Age)

A beautiful, dreamy piece with an organic feel. Great for advertising and children's programming. Equally at home in a feel good movie as promotion of travel, family, animals, medical or corporate. Perfect for a dream sequence or remembering happier times - light and playful. Gentle & poignant.

Sentient (Sci-Fi)

Minimal, pulsing cue. Ambient electronic with the expansive feel of space and the Universe. An underlying pulsing bass is punctuated by lighter, building moments of hope.

Storm in the Mountains (Dark Ambient)

Interesting electro-orchestral track, Inspired by a storm passing over a mountain. The turmoil of the storm with glimpses of sun, the eye of the storm and the calmness afterwards. Mood music for a movie or corporate. Medical, technology, promotion, advertising, movies, future. Anger and forgiveness.

Light Me Up Full Mix

This is an soft and sweet rock-pop track. perfect for commercials aimed for teens, youtube videos.

Before Dawn - Underscore (No Ambience)

This is a soft ambiente track, it is both relexing and moving. Perfect in emotioanl scence and background music inraising awareness campaigns.

Blooming Love Cut C

This is a soft and tender piano piece. Ideal for emotional scenes, background music for art projects, raising awareness campaigns and etc.

Diving Session Cut C

An Ambient pice, perfect for filmes and background music for art projects.

Evening Light Cut C

Emotional Guitar, soft and tender atmosphere. Ideal for films and video projects.

Make This Last Forever Cut B

A denceable Electro Ambient and Sexy track. perfect tempo for artistic videos. Ideal for fashion shows or videos

Moon Travel Cut C

This is a classic Amibient pice. ideal for movies scores. Perfect as background music for corporate videos

My Deepest Thoughts Cut C

A beautiful Electronic Ambient Piece. perfect for films or video projects. Strong backround music for corporate videos.

My Heart is Sold Out Full Mix

This is an Electronic Chiilout song sang by a female singer. Emotional and sexy

Spring Sadness FullMix

This is a moving and gentel piano and strings piece. It is highly emotional but not dim. It is Ideal for cinematic video projects.

Spring Sadness Underscore (No Ambience)

This is a moving and gentel piano and strings piece. It is highly emotional but not dim. It is Ideal for cinematic video projects.

Tender Days Cut C

This is a moving soft guitar and pads melody. Suitable for films and commercials. Ideal for emotional scenes or background music for art projects.

Years Before-Piano Version

This is Cinematic Piano in it's best.Perfect for trailers, teasers and films. This Cinematic Piano is a heartwarming, beautiful and emotional Pice.


Relaxing, Ambient, Vocal, Great for a commercial

Automaton (80s Electro)

Light, pulsing, ambient, synth driven cue. 80's feel of "Stranger Things". Understated and electronic with elements of Cliff Martinez. Futuristic, robotic and clinical vibe.

Yann Keerim
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