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Sole sole

Italian pop folk romantic ballad, male voice, acoustic guitar, drum machine, bass, keyboars. Tv, Film, Soap Opera, advertisement, All Media, trailer, italian restourant, Male Vocals, European, Italy

Tarantella italiana

Trantella, italian dance, vocals, mandolin, classic guitar, accordon, tambourine, drum, acoustic bass. Italy, Neaples, Sicily, The Godfather, Captain Corelli, mafia, spaghetti, pizza. Film, Tv and all Media. The Sopranos, The Sicilian Clan or Visconti's The Leopard, Male Vocals, European, Italy


Happy pop-folk romantic Italian ballad, male voice, acoustic guitar like Tell Me by Madonna, banjo, electric piano, femal secod voices. Words talk about Kisses. The Song was used in a famous Abc Film Serie. Ideal for scene in Italian location with pop radio song in the hair.

Italian Story

Cheerful, festive italian tarantella, a traditional folk dance typical of southern italy and mediterannean shores. Fast tempo, dancing beat with acoustic instruments like mandolin, accordion, piano and percussions. Perfect for: projects related to Italian culture and traditions; Italian restaurants ...

Taste Of Italy

Very fast Italian traditional folk dance with mandolin, flute, accordion and percussions. Tarantella is music genre typical of Southern Italy, very well known in Naples and Sicily. Festive atmosphere perfect for projects focusing on italian culture and mediterranean flavours.

Good Old Times

A festive folk instrumental music with a nostalgic yet uplifting feeling. A beautiful melody theme performed by string orchestra, clarinet and accordion evokes the atmospheres of old movies, especially italian or french comedies of the 60s, and bucolic traditions.

Little Italy

Funny and playful italian tarantella (a typical folk dance of Southern Italy, very popular in areas like Sicily and Naples). A traditional band composed by guitars, piano, accordion and clarinet plays on a fast tempo and creates a festive atmospere. Perfect for media focusing on italian culture and ...

Yann Keerim
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