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Gentle Jammers is the alter-ego of Rossano Gentili, an italian musician, songwriter and producer with 20 years of experience in the music business with over 500,000 records sold.
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Cinematic, epic and gentle, Asian music soundtrack. Featuring orchestra, taiko drums, Chinese violin, and Chinese flutes. Perfect for: Projects about China, Martial Arts, Travel and Holiday's Videos, Cooking Videos, Documentaries, Promo Videos, Commercial and Advertising, Video Background, Movie, Pr...

Child in the Sun

Inspiring, sweet and uplifting piece of music, featuring warm synth pad, glockenspiel, acoustic piano, guitar.

Bright Positive Logo

Positive, light, clean short Logo. featuring pizzicato strings, guitar, uplifting bells.

Beautiful Uplifting Acoustic

Sweet, positive, acoustic music track, featuring piano, acoustic & electric guitars, uplifting bells, warm pads. Perfect for: Romantic Videos, Inspirational Commercials, Motivational and Uplifting Presentations, Life Achievements, Personal Growth, Emotional Slideshows, Christian Projects, Wedding Vi...

African Tales

African Tales is a sunny, inspirational, African track. Featuring Guitar, Strings, African Marimbas, Flutes, African Percussions, Kalimba, Vocals. Perfect for: Videos about Africa and Wild Nature, Travel Projects, Documentaries, Background Music, Emotional Slide Show, TV or Radio advert, Youtube Vid...

African Dubstep

African Dubstep is an energetic, inspiring, powerful track, with an African vibe. Featuring marimba, kalimba, pads. synth, piano, dubstep bass, energetic drums, African percussions. Perfect for: Sports Videos, Travel Videos, Motivational Videos, Startup, Inspiring Projects, Innovative African Projec...

A Sentimental Piano

A Sentimental Piano is a tender, romantic, dreamy, piano music, featuring acoustic piano, uplifting bells, mallets, warm strings. Great for: Romantic Projects, Wedding Videos, Narration Background, Emotional Advertising & Commercial, Reflexive Videos, Movie Soundtrack, Family Videos, ...and much mor...
Yann Keerim
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