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Gentle Jammers is the alter-ego of Rossano Gentili, an italian musician, songwriter and producer with 20 years of experience in the music business with over 500,000 records sold.

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Italian Guitar

Italy Guitar is classical Italian folk music that brings you to the land of beauty and of good living. Featuring acoustic guitars, mandolin, piano, and strings. Perfect for: travel videos, restaurant promo, commercial and advertising, food and wine shop projects, wedding soundtrack, short films, p...

Happy Ramadan

Happy Ramadan is a positive, inspiring, beautiful, Arabic music, featuring oud, saz, ney, strings, Middle East percussion, pads, bass, drums. Perfect for: travel projects, Middle east corporate videos, documentaries, Arabic culture, Egypt pyramids, Turkish travel promotion, Ramadan programs, ...


Sunbathing is a summer, cool, upbeat, tropical track. Perfect for: lounge backgrounds, cool promo videos, fashion projects, restaurant and cafe promo, design projects, real estate videos, luxury projects, vacation resort promos, cocktail music, model agency videos, make-up video tutorials... and muc...


Easter is an upbeat, bouncy, joyful track. Featuring a ukulele, acoustic guitars, piano, happy bells. The mood is easy, positive, cheerful. Perfect for:  Easter projects and promos, commercials & advertising, summer projects, children's projects, happy and funny videos, cooking tutorials, tv & rad...

Sweet Sadness

Sweet Sadness is a cinematic, beautiful, melancholic yet hopeful, piano solo track.

Cinematic Science

Atmospheric, mysterious, dramatic but hopeful, sci-fi soundtrack, featuring piano, strings, synths, deep basses. Perfect for: science research videos, dramatic scientific reportage, corporate tech projects, innovation, artificial intelligence projects, science fiction, pollution reportage videos, ...

Tech World

Tech World is a positive, calm, atmospheric, corporate track, featuring piano, electric guitars, synths, strings. Perfect for:  tech videos, innovative products videos, digital innovation, science research videos, corporate projects, business technology videos, artificial intelligence projects, sc...

Ocean Ten

Ocean Ten is a jazzy, vintage, cool, funky music, featuring electric piano, electric guitars, horns, winds, upright bass, drums. Perfect for: casino videos, cool videos, lifestyle and fashion, GoPro travel footage, car videos, cinema production, advertising, commercials, comedy, urban videos, prese...

Earth Day

Earth Day is a beautiful, uplifting, inspiring, cinematic soundtrack. Perfect for: Earth Day videos, Inspiring commercials, uplifting presentations, emotional projects, sentimental videos, wedding videos, Valentine's Day videos, romantic videos, documentaries, Corporate Projects, Innovative T...


Women is an uplifting, emotional, motivational, cinematic soundtrack, featuring piano, strings, acoustic & electric guitars, glockenspiel, drums. Recommended for: woman's day celebrations, romantic videos, wedding projects, Valentine’s Day videos, emotional videos, nature videos, commercials,...
Yann Keerim
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